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Tried all the worthless and rewashed SEO techniques so called SEO pexperts showed you, but to no avail? Now you can learn from Google Master ‘RankYa’

Here you’ll find the latest comprehensive Website Optimization Course which includes the latest 2022 techniques focusing on Page Experience Update.

As far as RankYa is concerned, top Google rankings are easy as you will soon see. Remember, the paid version of Master Class Course has more insights, and I teach you how to increase conversion rates as well.

Course Content (Free Version)

Note: if you are pressed for time, then, at minimum watch ‘Keyword Research’ and ‘How to do On Page SEO 2022’ Keyword Research How to Do On Page SEO in 2022 SEO Friendly URL Structure Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Optimization Core Concepts Page Experience Optimization – How to Optimize Images How to Create robots.txt File What are XML Sitemaps? Best Practices for Google SEO

Master Class (Paid Version)

Although RankYa loves sharing proven to work SEO and website optimization insights on RankYa YouTube Channel, it just wouldn’t be fair for me to reveal my own trade secrets which took countless hours (10+ years) and sleepless nights to master. Accordingly, I’ve created a private course which you can access instantly through the paid version. These private videos highlights the most important aspects of having a fully optimized (not just SEO but also website conversions). Absolutely better results for your business website Guaranteed

Course Content (Paid Version)

  • Business Website Conversion Optimization Course (this is a step by step course in itself, guaranteed to help any website achieve higher conversions) shows how to structure web pages, communication strategy, psychology of web copywriting, and more…
  • Business Website Marketing Tips and Insights
  • Page Experience Optimization Tips and Insights
  • Optimizing Links (internal / outbound) for higher Google rankings
  • Backlinks (only natural quality backlinks will do, according to Google guidelines)
  • Page Experience Optimization .htaccess (includes sample .htaccess codes) (Note: requires basic technical knowledge)
  • Speculative Optimization Techniques (Note: requires basic technical knowledge)
  • WordPress PageSpeed Optimization Part 1 (Note: requires advanced technical knowledge)
  • WordPress PageSpeed Optimization Part 2 (Note: requires advanced technical knowledge)
  • BONUS > CSS SEO (you can almost half typical page load times by optimizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheet))

My first introduction with Tolga was via his you tube channel and I watched his videos and instantly I liked his command and honesty on the subject. I realized quickly that I can benefit from his teaching and I bought his SEO master class course and in a short time it really give me insights which takes long time to understand. His way of teaching is very easy and step by step and truly remarkable learning experience. Any one wants to learn on SEO subject or making websites and rank them, my very strong recommendations for Tolga. Please don’t think twice in buying his course this is my personal guarantee. Hope this testimonial will help some one to arrive at easy decision. Good luck.

Currently, there are over 40K+ RankYa followers on YouTube, because I simplify what is otherwise complex “Google rankings and website optimization”. The private course you are about to purchase includes my own trade secrets that I’ve been holding close to my chest. Now all yours. Do your website a favor, because it deserves

Guaranteed Results

Use my proven strategies and if you don’t get results as promised, I’ll give you your money back in full (the only condition is that you implement my proven and easy to use strategies on your business website for at least 1 month)

  • All techniques are within Google’s guidelines, guaranteed
  • Higher website conversions, guaranteed
  • Top Google rankings, guaranteed

Who Can Benefit

  • Ecommerce operators
  • Digital marketing students
  • Web developers and SEO Specialists
  • Small business owner managing their own website

Terms and Conditions

  • All videos are formatted using MP4 format (rendered in HD)
  • All videos are to be downloaded within 14 days of access
  • Any and all videos labelled private (usually purchased through paid Course/s) must not be shared, nor published (online or otherwise)
  • All private videos we created are Copyrighted by us. You are agreeing to not make available public, sell, modify, edit, or share our private videos
  • You are also agreeing to not publish, make available public RankYa custom codes, SEO and conversion optimization techniques, and or formulas shared within your purchased private course.

Excellent tutorials full of useful information. I have learnt a lot from watching and reading the work that Tolga puts out. Try one of his premium products – top class!!

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Business Website Optimization Master Class Course by RankYa

Easily get better profits through top Google rankings and higher website conversions. All revealed within this private course

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