Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard

Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard

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Hello World, another absolutely bad update for Yoast, WordPress site owners using Yoast SEO Plugin will now not see the XML Sitemap Menu link in the WordPress Dashboard with this Yoast 7.0 major update. That’s because the settings have moved and seems to be hidden.

In fact, its like playing Where’s Wally game for children, you really need to dig deep and press almost all buttons just to find the option for XML sitemap (although you can directly access the sitemap_index.xml through the browser address bar, if your Yoast installation isn’t showing the XML Sitemap menu link that’s because you have to press on the little question mark (as if you are asking a question?) see the sample image below, basically, you must now press on the question mark icon to reveal the XML Sitemap menu (which only allows you to turn it on, or off and has a link to your XML Sitemap)

New Yoast XML Sitemap Menu Link

Shows New Yoast XML Sitemap Menu Link option through Yoast Features Tab

New XML Include Exclude Feature

How about changing which post types and taxanomies to be included in Yoast settings? Now you can either change these settings through WordPress Dashboard > SEO > General – Yoast SEO > Features (press on tab) as highlighted in the below image.

Yoast Version7 XML Sitemap Setting

Shows Yoast Version 7 content typs Setting that handle XML Sitemap functionality of Yoast

Remember these are general site-wide settings to include and exclude parts of your WordPress site. Previous versions of Yoast Plugin provided an option for exclude individual URL’s through general settings. Now with the updated version, you need to use the Yoast Meta Box on each post type or taxonomies section.

To Exclude Post Types for Individual URL’s

How to Exclude Post Types for Individual URLs

Shows New Yoast XML Sitemap option to exclude Post Types for Individual URLs

To Exclude WordPress Taxonomies for Individual taxonomy (categories, tags etc.)

How to Exclude WordPress Taxonomy for Individual Category

Shows New Yoast XML Sitemap option to Exclude WordPress Taxonomy for Individual Category

Video Showing Where the XML Sitemap Settings Are Located

The latest update for this SEO plugin no doubt will confuse many of its users, in fact, most of the latest additions already confuse many website owners such as focus keywords and link count etc. You can learn more about how to use this plugin to set it up so that your website business growth is realized quicker by visiting how to use Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorials page. Just like many of its users I began using Yoast SEO Plugin many years ago, and quite honestly, over the years this plugin is becoming more and more confusing due to most of its new features. What do you think?

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