How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

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Creating a membership site in WordPress for free is as easy as installing and activating a membership plugins. There are many freely available plugins as well as paid membership plugins for WordPress. Video sessions details setting up a membership site using Paid Memberships Pro Plugin with many free add ons as well as premium add ons.

Note: although these tutorials are for Paid Membership Pro, keep in mind that there are other WordPress Membership plugins, and you should 110% check them out before using this particular plugin. You can search Google to find other premium member ship plugins to use.

Note: if you are comfortable with modifying code in WordPress, then, before purchasing paid add ons, check out their GitHub repository

Video Lesson Part 1

Creating a Membership Site Using WordPress – Part 2

Additional Video for Adding PayPal button

As you now know one of the few reasons why WordPress built sites are popular. Because just imagine hiring professional web developers to create a full Membership site from scratch? It would costs tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish such a complex task according to your requirements. And yet, with WordPress, you can create a beautiful and fully functional Membership site with just few clicks.

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