WordPress Schema Theme RankYa

Wordpress Schema Theme RankYa

World’s most advanced Schema Markup Structured Data coded, and search engine optimized WordPress theme, introducing

RankYa Theme V2

This is a WordPress theme that you can easily setup and use for most typical setups (for example: small business site and blogs). At its core, RankYa Theme is built upon the most popular, mobile ready advanced WP theme  

But don’t be fooled with its simplicity, because

  • RankYa Theme has achieved Nirvana Godhood in terms of Schema Markup perfection
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized using advanced coding methods
  • Fully Structured Data Coded: using schema.org vocabulary
  • Thoroughly commented code blocks for those who want to learn how WordPress works as CMS
  • Easy to use and customizable so that you can make it stunningly yours
Introducing Your New Powerful Theme

I built this theme for small business owners and RankYa Fans so that they could also take full advantage of Structured Data Google officially supports and encourages Website owners to use. RankYa Theme includes RankYa parent and child theme

How to Customize Styling to Match Your Brand Colors

New video coming soon

How to Access RankYa Theme

You should be interested in using this Theme, if you operate a small business site or blogging for Google AdSense Earnings. For a small fee, this theme will be available soon

Author: RankYa

RankYa: Online Entrepreneur, Qualified Web Developer, Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified Professional. Specialist in: SEO, Website Optimization, WordPress, Structured Data, JSON-LD, Microdata, Microformats, RDF, Schema.org Vocabulary, HTML5, Advanced Image Optimization, Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Social Media Marketing, Facebook marketing and YouTube video ranking.

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