WordPress Security Flaw

WordPress Security Icons

Dear website owner, if you are here reading this page, that means our team has identified a security flaw on your website.

Who Are We?

We are passionate WordPress optimization team here at RankYa, and we consistently browse the internet looking for opportunities to market our WordPress Optimization Services.

In your website’s case, we have identified a security flaw on your website and created this page so that you can help us continue to help secure WordPress built sites. All we ask from you is that you provide a finders fee which you can securely make through this page.

Upon confirmation of your contribution, you will be given a link to follow where you will be able to find what the security flaw is (and also, how you can easily fix it (private video is created for fixing this issue on your site)). Simple press the button below

Contribute a small finders fee $15aud PayPal Secure Checkout

Note: upon payment confirmation you have to press on a link, if you do not press onReturn to online expansions” link, you won’t be able to gain instant access. However, if you have any issues accessing the video that shows what the security flaw is and how to easily fix it, simply and I’ll resolve any issues as soon as possible. Here’s my email address for your reference 

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