Yoast SEO Plugin Focus Keywords

Yoast SEO Focus Keywords

If you read anything about SEO or if you are an SEO expert who focuses on keyword density nonsense, then you my friend are doing SEO wrong.

That is why Yoast SEO plugin focus keywords are even more confusing because the only keywords you should focus on are the ones that you are targeting, and also understanding of what that word means.

Top 3 Keyword Knowledge You Should Possess

First search Google with the terms you are targeting (you can even cut and shorten the words while searching) and take a look at the result set and see what Google highlights in bold

Sample Google Search Terms for SEO company

Looking at the above result, you should know that Google is highlighting those terms for a reason when I just searched for “SEO Company” so why did Google highlight “SEO Services” that’s because the focus of your keyword targeting shouldn’t be about keyword density or Yoast SEO Plugin focus keywords.

Google is advanced, Google can understand much more about a web document indexing, and keyword ranking (particularly with ) also (unconfirmed but surely the results suggest LSI () of sort, and ranking according to synonyms and variation of the keywords). Because Google AdWords already understands this through

Second use Google Define Feature
This is a must also as it will reveal the meaning of a word you are targeting as well as synonyms (if Google can’t define it, then there are many dictionaries that can) in either case you should use synonyms on your landing pages.

Third you should also make word associations through using keywords (including synonyms and variation of the words you are targeting)

These are the techniques to focus on instead of Yoast SEO Plugin Focus keywords that only wastes your time slowing you down for your next blog creation. Remember, no SEO plugin can look at a keyword like Google can because Google is a global multilingual search engine.

Video Lesson That Explains this Simply

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