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The structured data markup you provide for your pages helps Google algorithms better understand the kinds of things you offer your users so that their attributes can be featured in a visually compelling way—from ratings for recipe content, to structured layouts for events, to carousels for a related collection of items such as recipes from a specific host.

These experiences are also streamlined for the user’s device and context, enhancing your content previews and making it easier for users to take action on your content wherever they are.


Magic Schema Plugin may not be compatible with your WordPress setup when using its advance features. Use at your own risk. If you want to test it out, then make sure you use a development site and NOT your live site.

Benefits of Using Structured Data

If Google algorithms can better understand your website content because of Structured Data. Then, we all should use it.

However, adding Structured Data to WordPress built sites can be complex to do it yourself according to  

Introducing Your New Magic Schema Plugin for WordPress Now Free

Magic Schema Plugin by RankYa is an Advanced Structured Data Plugin that uses Schema.Org vocabulary and JSON-LD markup and adds it automatically, however

What This Plugin Can Not Do

  • Fix Structured Data errors which may already be present inside the current Theme you are using
  • Magic Schema plugin may not be compatible with certain type of Frameworks and installation (use the plugin at your own risk)

Easiest way to find out if your current WordPress Theme and plugins has any Structured Data errors is to validate your site using the new    simply enter a sample page URL or sample blog post URL and test your Theme

If There are Errors?

If all this technology mumbo jumbo talk is complex for you to do it yourself, then you may consider hiring me through   please keep in mind that whether you use Magic Schema Plugin or not, you should fix any items with errors present in your current WP theme

Let Your WordPress Site Have Magical Powers

Now you can say goodbye to buggy and error filled WordPress Plugins that just don’t validate, and let Magic Schema Plugin add complex Structured Data for your site with just few clicks

Google Rich Cards Structured Data Markup
Google Rich Cards Structured Data Markup features an illustration of a mobile device and Square cards representing Rich Cards Snippets

What Can Magic Schema Plugin Do

Provide options for adding Structured Data using Microdata vocabulary (  and   Compatible) into your posts/pages for

Advanced Options

  • Will provide option for one click enable: give meaning to your website structure by automatically adding Itemscope (Website (your homepage) WebPage (standard WP pages), Blog (also BlogPosting itemprop for your blog post entries using complex coding and logic), AboutPage, ContactPage, ImageGallery and QAPage (Note: may require simple edit if your current pages are not named “contact, contact-us, about, about-us, gallery, image-gallery, faq”), CheckoutPage, ItemPage (Woocommerce compatible for standard products), CollectionPage (all archives including date archives, categories and tags) and SearchResultsPage)
  • Will provide option for one click enable: fixing Google Webmaster Tools Structured Data items with errors only for “hAtom” (missing author, missing title, missing date published, missing date updated errors)
  • Will provide option for one click enable: adding Accessibility information ( if your WP site does not have Sound, Flashing and Motion Simulation Hazard you can enable this   )
  • Magic Schema plugin will insert (for blog posts): Meta tags for itemprop “keywords” automatically generated using the tags from the current blog post
  • Magic Schema plugin will insert (for Search Results page): Meta tags for itemprop “description” according to the search query, and will also make sure Googlebot does not index these Search Results because search results pages are duplicate content and shouldn’t be indexed by Google

Let Your WordPress Site Come Alive with Meaning

Access this powerful plugin, install it, activate it, and with just few clicks your site can be marked up so that your website can also benefit from using Structured Data.


  • We provide no guarantee that this plugin is compatible with your installation
  • Do not use Magic Schema with RankYa Theme
  • Do not use Magic Schema with other RankYa schema plugins because magic schema takes care of everything

Unfortunately we can’t offer you help with customization or fixing any plugin issues. Please consider hiring us if you require any assistance.

Below video lesson explains the tweaks that is needed to take full advantage of all (advanced) features of this plugin

  1. Download and Install the plugin on a test site first
  2. Edit the settings for images as shown in the video
  3. Activate the plugin and enjoy the magic


Magic Schema Plugin v3.1 (added new optional fields for events and recipes) by RankYa download press here

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