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Conversion Optimisation Tips And Insights

It is more than likely that you have visited other blogs / websites about finding ways to improve your conversions on your website. In fact, apart from your own tests, second best option is to test the research data made available by others who have already done their own tests. For example: PayPal (one of the largest payment processor) on internet has made available conversion rate optimization guide.

When it comes to improving conversions from your website, nothing is ever set in concrete. Because ideal customers to my website will be different to those who visit your website, although still humans nonetheless their wants, needs and the questions they will be asking in that particular moment in time, will be different. It is this knowledge and your understanding of it that will determine your overall success online.

First, the reader should absolutely understand what above the fold on a website means, because knowing that not only can improve your website traffic (since Google has algorithms dedicated to analyzing the content which is placed above the fold) also utilizing this prime real estate will also improve your website conversions. Knowing this, here are some insights which you can immediately use on your own website.


The power of contrast and using colors appropriately shouldn’t be underestimated by any stretch of the imagination. Because since birth, we humans are accustomed to certain colors having certain meanings, take for example: on color red we stop at the traffic lights and on green we go. We love the visual might of green meadows, the sunset and that beautiful blue sky. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that colors do play a major role in all aspects of our lives.

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Most off line marketers know this, and thus, unavoidable commercial advertisement around our modern lives use colors to grab our attention (be it on those big billboards, magazines, or shopping catalogs) colors are constantly sending neural messages to your brain. Unless your target audience is color blind, you can use contrasting colors to draw the attention of your visitors exactly to the call to action you want them to take.

But remember: don’t flash your main call to action before you have communicated (delivered your message) powerfully to eliminate any doubts which is always playing in the mind of your visitor. Your visitor came to your website for a reason, and they are always (consciously or subconsciously) asking questions.

  • What is here? Can I quickly find it?
  • Is the website credible?
  • How is this site different compared to the one I just visited?

Major usability studies has shown that when an internet surfer lands on a particular webpage, they first quickly scan the web page, and in a split second they decide if they should continue reading or just hit the back button on their browsers. So your job is to guide their attention to make sure that they read your web copy (your message).

grabbing attention

You Need to Slap Their Attention Silly

Grab attention in the above the fold area and don’t make the uninformed decision to flash your buy now buttons, or here’s our social profiles go check us on Facebook or Twitter etc. Because you worked hard to get them to your website in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how you got them to your website be it through Google Adwords, or be it by utilizing ethical search engine optimisation services. Logically why in the world would you have those social profiles buttons in that first eyeful? Don’t, just don’t. Put ’em somewhere else. Also, do you know why the big players like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Paypal and others all use light gray color as their website background? Because it delivers better readability and legibility.

You can use the power of colors and contrast to let any web page element standout from the rest. For example: if you are conducting E-commerce, then you can highlight your return policy, shipping charges, security seal, contact information by using colors to draw your visitors attention to those ever important questions they are already asking.

All this probably is common sense, but it is not common practice in the busy scenes of an online business world. Surely using colors is not the only conversion optimization strategy, and remember always, every web page is unique and it is your own tests that will allow you to find the best performing web copy. Start testing today!

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