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When your ads are not bringing profitable results, then, your PPC advertising campaigns are set incorrectly. But don’t blame yourself because Google Adwords is very complex auction system taking in-to many different equations.

As you know, Google AdWords Auction biddings are Global — Instant — Multilingual. No wonder almost 70% small business advertisers are wasting money with no or little returns, instead, get better results by understanding

Google AdWords Related How to’s for Small Business Owners

Reduce Your Cost Per Click & Get More Conversions by Understanding What’s Important in AdWords

Despite Google Adwords being the best advertising platform on the planet, the cost of online advertising can get out of control for most small business owners because of the complexities of Adwords Platform.

When you advertise through Google Adwords, each search query conducted in Google Search participates in an Ad Auction. This Ad Auction is complex, but nonetheless is very important to optimize for if you want to get the best possible results while reducing your Maximum Cost Per Click (Max CPC).

Tip: within AdWords, Maximum Cost Per Click isn’t the defining factor, what’s more important is the combination of all of the below factors. Without understanding these, one can never make Google AdWords bring ROI

Each Google Adwords Ad Auction Considers

Expected Click Through Rate: is how Google tracks the performance of your ads. This is accomplished because Google has the ability to analyze millions of clicks each day. Furthermore: Google has the best tracking capabilities on the planet (why do you think Google Analytics and Android OS is free?) (Google is following people everywhere, just look at your smartphone and you’ll see Google logo somewhere).

Ad Formats Ad Extensions: are additional features which you can use along side of your ads, Google AdWords Auction bidding also considers the impact of these ad formats and extensions. For example: sitelinks or call extensions

Note: SEO with Structure Data for can increase the chance of Google showing Sitelinks directly under your organic rankings for FREE as that sitelink is part of Google’s organic ranking algorithms.

Landing Page Experience: this is how Google tracks on page elements and also the bounce rates. It also tracks the user’s behaviour and understands how long they spend on your landing pages, or if they go back to Google search and search again.

Ad Relevance: is to do with keywords you use for your ads, and how Google uses language analysis of searchers query.

As far as Google Adwords is concerned, its mainly about Keywords > Budget > Ads > Quality Score of landing pages. This basically means getting all of the above optimized can be more profitable for your business.

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