Blueprint Creation for Google Domination

Benefits of Hiring RankYa SEO

Managing your own WordPress site? Not sure why Google is not ranking your website the way it should? Then go ahead hire RankYa now and I’ll begin putting on my experience goggles and create a custom blueprint for your business website’s online success.

Why Does Your Website Need This?

Tolga did exactly as he said he would and also a lot more. He provided me with a way forward to further optimise my site from my pages and blog posts images and content.

He sent through a detailed step by step 1 hour 8 min video of what he did and what I have to take things forward so I always have something to refer back to. I have started to put into place his recommendations and suggestions and now have a structured way to move forward

I would highly recommend his services and will certainly use his help for future WordPress website and SEO needs. Ian Reed 

I too have been involved in SEO, but not at your level of expertise. You are the MASTER as i see it. Dominik Barth

I have no hesitation in recommending Rankya to any business person wanting the process of SEO de-mystified. (Brad Taylor — The EP Group)

After opening my first online store, i quickly found out that it is going to take more then just a website to begin receiving orders. I found Rankya SEO after watching countless Search engine optimization videos on youtube. After studying the subject trough the Rankya youtube videos, it was important for me to make sure the work that i had done on the eCommerce site was checked by a real SEO professional before launching. I have started my E commerce online business from scratch and now am ranking important keywords on the first page of google with the help of, Rankya has become the home for all of my knowledge for search engine optimization success! (Aksel Gaspari)

What You’ll Get

  • Immersing myself in research for your industry will reveal exactly which keywords are most profitable for your business to target
  • Conduct many different advanced Google Search Query Operators to see how Google is currently evaluates your website rankings
  • Using a professional SEO software tools I’ll conduct website SEO audit
  • Manually analyze your website (to confirm important Google ranking factors to identify your site’s strength and weakness)
  • Once I’ve gathered all this important information, then, I will create a private video session just for you (minimum 30 minutes) and highlight proven to work strategies, easy to follow Google SEO insights that you can easily implement yourself
  • I will upload your custom video file (.mp4 format) on my own server and send you the private link so that you can save the video for your business growth online

How to Place an Order?

  • Simply read through the new Terms and Conditions
  • Place your secure order (you can complete your payment using your Credit Card without a PayPal Account)
  • Upon confirmation press on the link to return back to RankYa.Com website as I’ve created a simple web form for you to provide your Domain URL (you can choose to email this information)
  • Allow at least 1 week for me to complete this task and I’ll send you an email with the link to your very own private video for Google domination blueprint

Order Google Domination Blueprint $290

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