SEO Tutorials 2019

What is SEO

As always taught in my previous SEO Tutorials, at the heart of search engine optimization is Google Guidelines coupled with simple to use landing pages. This is still the same in 2019. However, in terms of changes, here are RankYa’s top 3 focus areas that you need to focus on to get higher Google rankings for your keywords.

  • Mobile First Index
  • Speed of Page Load Times
  • Mobile Usability

Simplified Lesson for Understanding Mobile First Index

Mobile-first indexing means Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Source

The keywords there is the content for indexing and ranking. But unknown to many SEO experts, the content isn’t keywords nor images, but rather, entire HTML. Meaning whatever is within <html>tags are your content. How to use your new found SEO power? Simply understand that whatever you see on your landing pages using your mobile phone is your content. This includes, keywords, headings, images, colors, margins and paddings between HTML elements, links and anything machine readable by Google including structured data.

Speed of Page Load Times

No need to be scientist to understand that when people use mobile devices, pages that take a long time to load means, visitors abandon landing pages, which in return means bad user experience. Both from Google’s point of view (since Google is providing a service to its customers (searchers)) and also your business growth point of view (lost visitor = lost potential profits).

Mobile Usability

This is rather confusing for most web developers and designers, meaning, mobile usability does not mean how a web page looks on a mobile device, nor does it mean how many clicks before a conversion can occur. It simply means, simplicity and usability. For example: when clickable elements are too close to each other on a mobile device because people use their fingers to navigate and scroll (as opposed to their computer mouse) then, usability of that landing pages is bad. Your job is to find balance and adhere to proven best practices. Google Search Console is your friend once again, make sure Mobile Usability report does not show any errors

Search Engine Optimization Tutorials 2019

Let me share couple of tips and insights for you to consider using for achieving higher Google rankings. SEO Tip: you can use this whether you have a small business website or an eCommerce store. Learn to use different keywords from within internal links. Surely your main navigation links won’t change, however, your internal linking within your blog posts are within your control to control Google rankings.

For example: let’s imagine that I want to rank for keywords SEO Tutorials in 2019 (which this blog post is focusing on those keywords). Then, dependent on Google rankings upon publication of this post. I can using my future blog post internal link back to this particular blog post using these types of keywords within the anchor text:

  • search engine optimization tutorials
  • Latest 2019 SEO Lessons
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None of the above are the same, and yet, individually contain target keywords for top Google ranking results. Understand that, and I promise you that your Google rankings will skyrocket in 2019.

Watch the Video Tutorial on SEO for 2019

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