Google AdWords Tutorials for Beginners

Google AdWords Tutorials for Beginners


If you are just beginning to use Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising, then make sure you avoid the 7 deadly Google AdWords Mistakes that can cost you big.

Advertising Home Page Only

Advertising your home page without either creating unique landing pages specifically designed for the AdWords Campaign creation can cost you big. Only in rare circumstances should you be advertising your home page. In most cases you should advertise individual landing page (or create new landing pages just for Google Adwords Campaigns).

Focusing on Keywords Only & Grouping Unrelated Keywords

Yes, almost all of the features and insights in will talk to you about keywords, keywords and more keywords. However, to reduce your costs and to get higher conversion rates. You should see beyond keywords, and look at the intent of the keywords you are targeting.

Grouping unrelated keywords: when you select and group keywords together, then make sure that you are that compliment each other and do not group keywords that are not related to each other. Particularly important when Google AdWords shows you “Opportunities” for new keywords. Group related keywords together.

Not Focusing on Landing Page Experience?

Another critical aspect of creating better Google AdWords campaigns is the you provide for your website visitors.

Here’s the process I follow when I analyze web pages. I see everything on a web page as a distraction first.

Mobile Friendly Experience for Websites

Mobile Friendly Experience for Websites shows a website icon inside a mobile phone icon

Then ask “although all these web pages elements (text, images, menus etc.) are important to have, how do they serve and add value for website visitor user interaction and website conversions?”. Your aim should be to simplify the user experience, because easier the interaction, higher the content consumption and thus higher the conversions.

Mobile Friendliness & Usability

Just because a website and a landing page passes through with flying colors doesn’t mean that web site is mobile friendly. Instead, you can quickly use Chrome Browser and Press on CTRL+F12 and use Web Developer Mobile rendering to see how the website looks on popular mobile devices. Then you can make judgements and improvements through simplicity of .

Not Protecting Your Brand?

Even if you are just starting out online, you have to make sure that your competitors aren’t advertising for your brand. Instead, create Google Adwords Campaigns just for your brand and experiment with  as your bid strategy. Protect your brand at all costs.

Not Using Ad Extensions?

 not only are important for Click Through Rates, they are also taken into consideration for . There are many different types of Ad Extensions, and you should experiment with all of them, or at least use the most appropriate ones for your business.

For example: local businesses should create and take advantage of .

Here’s Google AdWords Tutorials for Beginners Power Tips Course by RankYa

Not Experimenting with Different Bidding Strategies?

There are many different ways you can participate in Google AdWords Ad Auction using different . However, beginners to PPC advertising searching for Google AdWords Tutorials for Beginners are often times sold on a concept that they should choose one particular bidding strategy because apparently that works better than the other.

All I got to say about that is that there is a good reason for Google providing different bidding strategy options. Experiment using different strategies.

Not Using Video Advertising?

And finally, , first of all, if you are not carving your niche on YouTube, then, it is more than likely that there are great YouTube channels already out there providing videos related to your products and services.

Because advertising video ads are so cheap, how can you afford not to reach your target audience using videos? Create a YouTube channel because RankYa shows you , and even bring free viewers using RankYa Optimization Strategies for YouTube videos too.

Now you know which common mistakes to avoid when using Google AdWords, make sure that you pull your sleeves up and begin creating new campaigns that are optimized by using these insights. You will save money, and, you will gain higher conversion rates.

Google AdWords Course by RankYa

  • Core concepts about Google Adwords
  • How Google AdWords Campaigns are structured & how to arrange your campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • How search happens and understanding what keyword selection and targeting really is
  • How to use the Google search box to find keywords to target
  • What goes into creating The Perfect Landing Page that converts
  • Understanding Quality Score more easily
  • Why default settings in Google AdWords never work in your favor
  • What is Search Cycle and which keywords to focus on
  • Google Keyword Match Types simplified
  • Understanding Google Search Network
  • Bid Strategies & Budgets
  • Remarketing, Image Ads, Video Ads
  • Tools, Tabs, Opportunities in Google AdWords
  • Ad Rank Simplified
  • Plus much much more

Here’s the link to Google AdWords Training Course which is now freely available on RankYa YouTube channel

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