Digital Marketing and SEO Apprenticeship

Wanna work in digital marketing? Wanna become a great SEO specialist who can rank keywords in Google? Here’s an unique opportunity for the right minded individual:

Digital Marketing and SEO Apprenticeship Program

First, let’s see if you fit this criteria so that we do not waste your time as well as ours

  • Do NOT apply because you want to learn Google rankings for your own business website (or your clients website)
  • Do NOT apply if we have to show you the same knowledge over and over and over again (that means, you must have ability to learn (this may sound strange, but over the years, we met individuals who do not possess the capacity to learn)
  • Do NOT apply if you can NOT work without supervision
  • Do NOT apply for the sake of applying to see what happens (we want to train serious, determined and committed individuals only)
  • Do NOT apply if you are the type of person who likes to make excuses or changes their mind about learning digital marketing and SEO
  • Do NOT apply if you do not breath, eat and sleep Digital Marketing, Google & SEO

What We Want from the Right Individual for this Position?

  • English read/writing/speak (this is extremely important) and someone who loves learning
  • Basic understanding of HTML (you must know what this is <a src <strong> <h4> <ul <ol <li
  • Basic understanding of website design
  • Take lead to solve problems
  • Don’t mind doing tedious repetitive work working in front of a computer
  • WordPress knowledge would be of benefit (though not required)
  • Committed, hard working
  • Available online 5 days a week with good internet connection
  • Available online 5 days a week working 6 hours each day (this is a 3 months commitment. 1st month will be for evaluation)
  • Sign a contract
  • Driven to succeed online
  • English read/write/speak (this is extremely important) and someone who loves learning

Why We Want to Train You?

RankYa owns and operates many different websites, and because we work very hard for our valued clients, we fall behind in our own content marketing requirements. Basically we want to train you so that you can work for us using our precise standards. Also, the right candidate must understands our brand (RankYa) Digital Marketing and Google Specialist Vision

Share proven knowledge about (digital marketing including: Google, WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing, Google Search Console, AdWords, Analytics, YouTube, Facebook with small business owners and upcoming digital marketers, and also provide even more affordable Digital Marketing and SEO services for small business owners

What We Offer?

  • Commitment to your learning from a master website optimizer and Google specialist
  • Access to private content
  • Payment while you are learning (base monthly salary)
  • Great career opportunity to work for RankYa

Video Intro

Once again, the only people we want to invest in training are those who think long term and willing to put in the time and energy to learn. Also, once we teach you, because its we who will teach you. Ready? If so, go ahead and write 1 original article (at least 500 words) in your own words anything about

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google

Choose any of the heading above, and write 1 original article and send that to us using hello AT rankya DOT com

Author: RankYa

Online Entrepreneur, Qualified Web Developer, Google AdWords and Google Analytics Professional. Specialist in: Google SEO, Website Optimization, WordPress, Structured Data, JSON-LD, Microdata, Microformats, RDF, Vocabulary, HTML5, Advanced Image Optimization, Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Social Media Marketing, Facebook marketing and YouTube video ranking.

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