SEO Case Studies 2018

Get Top Google Rankings Easily

So let’s start with this quote:

Note One: It can take several months before your content hits the first page.

That is why I decided to create this SEO Case Study page for 4 main reasons.

  1. To demystify Search Engine Optimization and eliminate retarded teachings the so called SEO guru’s are selling (like the Note One above) because honestly, you can rank in Google within days and weeks NOT several month
  2. To add additional value to my valued clients who chose to hire me through Ultimate Optimization or through specific tasks
  3. To help small business community to gain better Google ranking results
  4. Help RankYa Fans by sharing my own custom WordPress Optimization codes and functions

Valued Clients of RankYa

First, it is wise to clarify that RankYa’s main mission is to offer affordable SEO solutions and value for the small business community.

Below are list of my valued clients who have seen the value in hiring me to contribute towards their online presence. Some projects involve web site development, moving servers from one web hosting to other, moving Static HTML site to WordPress, installing SSL, assist with manual action notices or disavow files, or Search Console issues including Structured Data errors, on going content writing and optimization, website maintenance, SEO training, as well as full SEO Projects.

At this moment I will only provide brief description of each business, then as I work towards creating in depth video walkthroughs I’ll be showing what tasks has been performed, the reason behind them, and how you can use that knowledge to better optimize your own website, gain sample codes for WordPress (or even hire me instead).

Wheelchair Gear

This is another great website, its a small eCommerce site that has unique product Stylish Wheelchair Backpacks and focuses on branding as well.

365 Property Buyer

Cash buyer of UK Properties offering quickest way to sell a property (in fact like most of my valued clients, they previously hired an expensive SEO agency with little or no results).

Delivery Master Software

UK based business offering the latest Courier Software for Delivery, Logistics and Transport industry

Kesom Freight

Web development project for Freight forwarding company (targeted website traffic within days? Yes) specializing in freight to Kenya (I also manage the website Search Console and website maintenance)

Heathrow Gatwick Cars

Car hire company focusing on Airport Transfers from Heathrow to anywhere else in England?  (Still in progress with minor content updates)

1st Classic Limo Services

Luxury Limousine Hire Car Service of San Francisco and surroundings  (not optimized yet, still in progress)

Outdoor Kaki

Online store offers climbing gear and accessories including ropes and quality harnesses and shoes for climbing


Professional Painters in Ottawa are just like many other followers of RankYa SEO videos on YouTube. Pina has decided to hire me to change their old website theme to use a new better optimized WordPress theme.

Uniforms Made Easy

One of Australia’s most experienced uniforms distributor, now offering online Uniforms Made Easy website has gotten much needed love and attention including, coding and (nearly 1000 image optimized as a bonus)

Perfect Agent

Startup company surely on its way to greatness in Real Estate Industry, offering quick and easy way to find Real Estate Agents in Australia the site will never need technical SEO again.

At this stage, these are brief introductions, check back soon because I will detail case studies here to show you exactly how website optimization should be done so that you can do the same for your own website.

Author: RankYa

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