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UPDATE: all private courses are now part of the new Membership site RankYa Membership and Forum site.

New videos are added to the Membership site including my own WordPress optimization codes

  • WordPress Lightning Speed Loading Defer Async
  • WordPress Lightning Speed Loading How to Remove Junk (more videos will be updated regularly) (you’ll love the private videos, codes and insights I promise).

Struggling to get website traffic through Search Engines like Google? Sick and tired of doing SEO but not getting top Google rankings? Take a look:

When someone searches Google.com.au,  Google.com Google.co.uk or other Google search boxes for terms like these

search results page sample results for keyword ranking

search results page sample results for keyword ranking

This reveals 3 facts:

  1. It doesn’t matter which keywords or industry, you get top rankings
  2. Using RankYa proven techniques gets results quickly
  3. You will be getting tons of FREE website traffic all the time

That’s the power of RankYa SEO and Digital Marketing mastery you are about to learn in this private course available for limited time. But first, let see if this course is for you:

  • If you operate a website then you want this course
  • If you are that 1 man / woman show who is trying to tap in to organic Google rankings easily then you want this course
  • If others confused you about SEO then you need this course

Course Contents

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Keyword Research (my own exact manual keyword research techniques shown)
  • How to Optimize Landing Pages (step by step walkthrough)
  • What is robots.txt file (and best practices)
  • What is noindex (and best practices)
  • Anatomy of a link
  • How to better optimize internal links
  • How to get quality backlinks
  • Formulas for backlinks (think like Google)
  • Outro video

Other Courses

15 Minute WordPress Tune-UP and Optimization  (Includes sample codes)

This is a mini course created specifically for WordPress site owners, within 15 minutes optimization techniques that you can easily use to truly optimize your own WordPress site for best ranking results (includes optimized robots.txt file, .htaccess file and wp-config.php file codes and I show you how to set them up step by step)

Private Blog Network

Do you know what private blog network means? If you are serious online entrepreneur managing many different websites for making money online, then, why not setup your own powerful private blog network and use it for any reason including quality backlinks and quick keyword rankings (I show you what others can not, such as: how to quickly find quality backlinks others built over the years and make them your own) why work hard begging for backlinks from others, instead build your own network with these mastery techniques by RankYa

Reputation Management

Got a name in Google that you do not want others to see in the first page? Got a business where others provided negative reviews found in Google (perhaps competitors?). Now you can easily manage your own reputation online and out-rank them all with these easy Google domination techniques taught by RankYa

Is This Private Course Same as Other RankYa Videos?

No, what you can learn in this latest private course is my own trade secrets and formulas that I’ve never revealed before. That means, insights you are about access when you purchase this course is fresh and new ready for 2018 Google ranking world

The Benefits

  • All website owners who manage their own website and digital marketing will love this course
  • Easy to follow and use step by step explanation of formulas
  • NO BS Spam Amateurish SEO techniques
  • Will work regardless of industry and niche you are in
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Dominate Google Rankings Forever

All RankYa Private Courses are now part of the new Membership site. This allows me to share even better SEO techniques with you. Don’t even think about it, invest in experience become a member now!

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