SEO PDF 2016

Website Optimization for First Position Search Engine Organic Results in 2016

Do you think I can teach you how to SEO your web page in less than 5 minutes?

Don’t even think about it, here’s the One Page 2016 SEO PDF that does just that.

What about bit more in depth information on search engine optimization? SEO PDF 2016 infographic I created just for you so that you can easily learn the core concepts of SEO and also, what to consider when optimizing your website in 2016.

Download it for free and keep it with you to refer it anytime you are creating content. Thank you for sharing this PDF document so that your friends can also benefit from learning these important website optimization factors.

Thank you for sharing this latest 2016 SEO PDF

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Author: RankYa

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8 thoughts on “SEO PDF 2016”

  1. Best Cbse School in Moradabad

    Sir i have asked you about online reputation management but you did’t tell me till now. i am waiting for your reply.

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      You can manage your reputation online by making sure that it is your results that Google shows instead of negative results, and applying search engine optimization techniques are a great way to do this. You can learn about how to SEO on my Freely available SEO course, or, you can follow the instructions on this page in either case, be active and do something about it, or else, the results will persist in Google. Good luck

  2. Hasan Kara

    Thank you very much always feeding us with the most valuable, up-to-date and well presented data/tutorials/youtube videos in SEO, Analytics, SEM marketing and the other digital marketing subjects. You are the Diogenes of our modern times! God bless you!

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Thanks Hasan, great to hear you are still at this field of #SEO keep up the good work

  3. Zahid Khan Jadoon

    Hi RankYa

    Found your channel on YouTube, subscribed and started learning SEO. Thanks for sharing such useful info on YouTube. Now seen your website ranked in Google. I thought i should give you thanks here. Going to share your post on Facebook.

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Thank you Zahid for stopping by and leaving this comment, much appreciated

  4. Ben

    Hi Rankya,

    Just shared with my google+ and facebook friends.
    Thanks for the seoguide.


    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Thank you Ben, much appreciated for spreading the word about RankYa. Currently just in the process of uploading couple of easy to follow Courses (Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics (both for quick overview of how to use these platforms)) I hope you enjoy the new posts as well

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