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Search Engine Optimisation is actually a very complex subject, and at the same time, it actually is very easy to get it right. What revolves around search engine optimisation “seo” is technology that is beyond belief (really), I mean, consider what happens when you search Google.

As soon as you start typing in the search box, you get instant suggestions, yet, have you ever considered the complexity of that event? As in, from your computer you get connected to Google servers, where Google keeps all the information (resources (URL)) available on internet public domain. We are talking about billions and billions of documents (resources) which are indexed & cached in Google servers. And mind you, to really see results from your seo projects and keyword targeting, you must understand key principles of what Google stands for.

And let me now give you just that. Google is a business, and to see real results from your search engine optimisation campaigns, you must understand that, before you even consider keywords, before you consider your websites architecture or which CMS you should use.

Google is a business which looks for only 1 thing = profits. And the main profits come from their Adwords model. Therefore, they are highly intelligent in making sure, that the money cow keeps the milk running.

Think about this for a minute, some optimistic computer science student sets out on preparing a thesis on search engine optimisation; h/she gives their entire year researching the technology and mathematical equations which major search engine like Google and Bing implement in their ranking algorithms. And this imaginary student puts all h/her findings on some university server for the world to see. A detailed document about all h/her findings. But if you are looking for that detailed information which the student has spent sleepless nights preparing, you will not be able to find it in Google’s first page if you were to search for terms “detail research of search engine optimisation” and if you disagree then simply search Google and see what happens. What did you get?

Here’s what you got, first, you get those websites which pay Google for Adwords, then not only that, you may also get some seo spammer show up in that first page. But our detailed research on search engine optimisation is nowhere there to be found. Right? So once again, if you really want to master seo, then you must understand what Google is actually doing.

The trickery of the giant is great, just like Keyser Söze in the movie “usual suspects” written by Christopher McQuarrie. Similar to the most famous line from the movie “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” and that’s exactly what Google did “The greatest trick Google ever pulled was convincing the world that to find anything, they could just search Google and it would just present relevant search results that the world needed” and yet failed to thorough inform everyone about the advertising it was showing on top of that relevant organic search results. Remember that light coloured yellowish background (Now replaced with little yellow icon which informs the user of the difference. But humanity is now trained to search Google.

In this particular post, I will enlighten you about the matters concerning duplicate content and why you need to make sure you do not have your URL’s pointing to the same content.

First, Google does in fact do a very good job in determine where the original content was first seen, they do that by attaching time stamps to documents when they index resources (URL’s) now if you have CMS running your website, and if you have different URL’s with the same content (or near same content) they want to penalize you and not rank you high, right? But did you ever consider why in the world Google keeps saying the same thing about how you should fix duplicate content issues?

There isn’t a seo specialist online who doesn’t know the negativity of duplicate content, but most of those seo experts don’t understand why that is. And right now you will learn (and remember) it’s because duplicate content costs money for Google. Once again, duplicate content costs money for Google.

How? Imagine Google storing the same content with different URL identifiers to their database? And perhaps you may have 100’s of URL’s indexed by Google and may think that this isn’t that significant, but when we times all the duplicate content that exists on internet? Can you see? Why should Google invest millions of $$$ into new hardware and software just to maintain all that same content, when they can simply get the webmasters to do that for them — avoid duplicate content. What can you do?

  • Simply make sure that you do your best to present original content (text, images, videos) per URL
  • All your internal linking structure should use consistent hyperlinks (1 url to the same content)
  • Your backlinks from other external URL’s should also be consistent, all while dancing around and by–passing the flaws of Google algorithms (and don’t get scared, as there is nothing black hat seo on

I will share and talk about external URL;s in a later post, and show you many ways that will make you smile, because, you will outperform your competition and make them drool in envy.

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