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SEO and Conversions Optimisation are The Same Thing

The reason we can say Search Engine Optimization and conversion optimisation are the same thing is because everything you do on your website revolves around optimization of your:

  • Website Design Layout
  • Words “keywords” you are using on your landing pages

Now if you truly want to see real results in terms of top Google search engine rankings, then you have to make sure that your landing pages are geared towards providing an answer to the question your potential customers searched Google with. So basically, you are always targeting the search intent behind the keywords and therefore, optimizing your landing pages so that you not only drive website traffic, but also convert more of your potential customers.

Treat Each of Your Landing Page as if it’s Your Home Page

In the circles of web development and SEO, there is a great emphasis on home page being special. You may have come across SEO information suggesting to get 10 backlinks to your home page and then get 1 backlink to your inner pages (aka deep linking). But if you don’t treat your landing pages with the same amount of importance, then you will be missing out on the potential conversion.

That idea as to your home page being important is true, because home page will be called upon regardless of which landing page your visitor came through to your website. So you and I shouldn’t disagree with the fact that your home page is extremely important, but, if you make the critical decision to treat your home page as if it is the last castle standing, then basically you are losing conversions. Think about it? Your landing pages should be treated on their own merits (both in terms of optimization and also message delivery). Because Google doesn’t give special treatment for your home page, because it ranks keywords and not web sites or web pages.

website visitor flow

Knowing this, step back and re think about your landing page navigation flow, and anticipate interactions in advance, also, design your home page in such way that it can easily take the visitor back to the products page / or service page that they landed on.

Reduce the amount of buy now type of jargon on your home page (home page must NOT be designed to sell (unless you have 1 page website)) home page must be designed to inform your visitors. They will do the buying on your products page, and not on your home page, therefore tweak your website accordingly.

Golden Rule of Conversions

optimizing web page elements

Most web designers are good at what they do “design websites” but your website does also require conversion optimization strategies so that you just don’t have a website, instead you have a website that does what its supposed to “convert”. Keep in mind that to see better conversion results, you need to eliminate any resistance which naturally is the main thought pattern of internet shopper. After all, they don’t know you, you could be anyone of those internet scammers that everyone hears all the time.

The Missing Conversion Optimization Link

Don’t expect your potential customers to visit you and all of a sudden trust you to buy your products or services. Instead, work on your landing page optimization, inform your visitors about everything that is likely to be asked by them (security policy, shipping charges, return policy (if the item doesn’t fit or is damaged in transit) who are you, where are you.

You may say that you have these in place on your website, if so, how prominent are these critical elements. I see so many E-commerce websites almost hide these elements from their potential customers (or worse yet, the website gives the visitor merry go around just to find them). Be different, inform your visitors first, it is only then they will do the buying from you and not before.

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