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RankYa Make Yoast Better Plugin

If you ever used Yoast SEO Plugin, then you know that it is just becoming more and more annoying with all the PopUps. Not anymore, because I created a new plugin RankYa Make Yoast Better Plugin


Because in 2016, Yoast has evolved from a simple SEO plugin to become annoying plugin. With popups and links taking control over your Dashboard, its becoming hard to concentrate on what really matters ‘content publishing’.

It seems that developers of Yoast are getting bit confused, meaning, instead of providing a simple to use, functional SEO plugin for WordPress, you & I are forced to endure all the links to sales focused expensive SEO services and annoying popups.

For example: recently they added “” option. Which by the way is nothing more than the most retarded way to think about keywords. As explained in the Art of WordPress SEO Course targeting keywords isn’t about that.

Furthermore, here’s another retarded link rel=”next” setting which doesn’t make any sense at all, especially for certain pages like the  (Think! what is next for that link relationship when its on a home page)

Being frustrated of late with all the notices and popups and unrelated to SEO features of Yoast SEO plugin, I created new functions and a plugin.

Sample Functions Only

IMPORTANT: this is for power users who can edit functions.php file (use at your own risk as no warranty of any kind is given)

All you have to do is dowload, unzip, copy and paste the contents of this file in your theme functions.php file.

RankYa Make Yoast SEO Better Plugin

As a bonus for RankYa Fans I’ve also created a plugin and added bonus functions taken out of  such as:

  • Schema Markup Accessibility Features for single blog posts
  • Unique search results page meta tags that tell search engines like Google to not index Search Results Pages (although Google is advanced in indexing websites, for WordPress it often times indexes the search results page creating duplicate indexes for a typical WordPress CMS built sites).
  • itemprop=name just for the front page by pulling data from your Site’s Name
  • Removed un-needed notices
  • Unique meta keywords tag (including itemprop keywords) for single posts by pulling the tags from the single blog posts

Important Note: if you are using RankYa Theme, you don’t need to use this plugin.

Plugin version can be downloaded here Installation > Login to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > (Select the folder you downloaded to your local computer) Install > Activate and then say goodbye to unneeded elements from

Thanks for spreading the word about #RankYa #SEO and #WordPress #Plugins

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2 thoughts on “RankYa Make Yoast Better”

  1. Adrian


    Thanks for your great content and for developing great plugins. Few questions though:
    – does the Rankya Make Yoast Better plugin works in conjunction with the Yoast plugin or without it?
    – if Magic Scema plugin is installed, do I still need to install Rankya Make Yoast better plugin or not?

    Thank you for your time,

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Hello Adrian, the best way to utilize the plugin is to first backup your site, then install the Make Yoast Better plugin (while the Actual Yoast SEO Plugin is installed) and it should remove the silly functions in Yoast (of you could easily copy and paste some of the functions, directly in your Theme functions.php file (if you chose copy and paste some functions in my plugin, then you wouldn’t install Make Yoast Better Plugin).

      In terms of Magic Schema, this plugin can be used in variety of ways, for example: you could install the Magic Schema and do not use the advanced features, but rather use the plugin to add Scheme Markup (for your blog posts using the link in TinyMCE editor) which will allow you to insert many schema markup types easily. But if for example you want to go full featured markup, then, fist backup your site, and then enable the advanced features as well.

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