How to Remove Your Name From Google Plus

How to Remove Your Name From Google Plus

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When you are wanting to remove your name from Google Plus, you got plenty of different options due to the way Google Accounts work. Remember that each Google Account is associated with 1 main email address which becomes part of your main Google Account. Knowing that, you make any changes we want including changing or removing names.

I’ll try to simplify the process by providing options whether you want to change main profile account holder name or Google brand account name, or, simply want to delete your name from Google Plus reviews.

Let’s Understand Main Google Account Structure

google account structure

shows web page icons and a sample email account

First, you can quickly make changes (instead of removing) to your name and update it to anything you want and control what people see about you by visiting your main Google Account and then press on the little pencil icon.

To Change Your Google Plus Personal Profile Name

Step 1: Press on the gear icon and then make changes on the next screen

About Me User interface settings for editing name for Google Account

Shows About Me User interface settings for editing name for Google Account

Step 2: Make any changes here and press OK

editing name option in Google Plus profile

Shows user interface for changing name of Google Plus personal account holder

To Change Google Plus Brand Account Name

Recently many things have changed with Google Account, once Google Plus Page are now called Google Brand Account. And you can change the name of any brand account you’ve created by visiting and choose the brand account you want to modify and alter the name for. On the next page. Press EDIT ACCOUNT INFO & Press on the pencil icon. Here you can make changes to your Brand Account Name

To Delete Your Brand Account Name From Google Plus Entirely

Once you are logged in to your Google Account browse in to your Brand Account page. On the top right hand corner press on your image then press on

Manage Account

On the next screen locate settings and press on profile

And then you can press on delete for that particular Brand Account

To Delete Your Main Google Account Name From Google Plus Entirely

Hold on there sunshine, before you use this option, make sure that you understand what you are doing. This will delete everything Google (including, Google+ YouTube Google AdWords Google Photos and many other Google products which lived under the email address you created the Google account with). So use caution when you want to select this option. First make sure that you are on your main Google+ Profile setting page

Google Plus Setting Menu Options

Shows Google Plus Setting Menu Options profile link highlighted

To delete: press on Setting and scroll down towards the end of the page “Account > DELETE YOUR GOOGLE+ PROFILE” remember that this will close your MAIN Google Account which will delete everything related to your account, obviously the account name as well as well any reviews you left using your Google Account.

Video Tutorial Showing How to Delete Your Name From Google Plus

These are the options for managing Google account names and how to delete your name from those accounts.

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