How to SEO for Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is the new hype in the circles of SEO, as usual, most of the information about RankBrain is like a whisper in the wind. But to at least understand why Google’s RankBrain is the next evolution of search, we have to analyze the way people are interacting with internet itself.

As mentioned in update blog post, it was clear that soon, Google would go beyond single keyword ranking to bring results based on keyword combinations.

We all know that Google is a multilingual search engine, meaning, you couldn’t copy a website in another language and translate it in to another language and rank it above the . Because Google will know that is copied scraped content.

Google Translate

From many years ago till now, Google has invested heavily in its translations (you can even participated in ) to see how well of a data it has in multiple languages. Its really good. What does this have to with Google RankBrain? Will get to that soon.

OK Google Voice Search

We also know that you can  and that is also quite interesting because now we are beginning to see “why Google Rank Brain” is in the pipeline (or any other name Google will officially announce to general public about its RankBrain algorithm)

Google Android and Mobile Search

In the bigger schemes of search marketing profits where the Asian Century is here and now, search engines know that they must be at the leaders in user experience. That means, relevant results coupled with easier search options on mobile devices coupled with ads based on user’s location.

You know how cumbersome it is to search for or reply to emails using long tailed keywords on your mobile device is right? So does Google, and if it begins to show better results, more relevant results, then you won’t need to re-search, thus, enjoy greater user experience just to come back to search for more. More profits for search engines who are aware of this.

For SEO a Link is a Link
SEO and Links illustrates the make up of internet by featuring multiple lines connected together through image icons and web document icons

How Do You SEO for Google RankBrain?

You conduct search engine optimization as explained in the Freely available by RankYa (or the private course). And also, begin to take advantage of . These are a must if you want to stay ahead in an ever competitive search engine ranking arena.

  • Content
  • Links

I’ll start by explaining about links, , hyperlinks are just a point in internet. I like to imagine the internet as a dynamic, always expanding and also contracting sphere (in fact, just like a human brain connection of neurons).

Always expanding as Google indexes the millions of new blog posts, websites, comments, videos etc. Contracting because a lot of websites and content gets deleted as well, so therefore removed from Google index. Google algorithms also sees the internet like that “just like a brain with its neural networks”

So you have to also think outside the SEO box when linking (whether internal or external) by using the words carefully, by making sure that you use synonyms and also variations of the words you are really targeting  (take this link for example, where is it linking to? How to rank for keywords fast, so what is that page about? For ranking in Google). Make sense?


search engine algorithm model chart
This is where you focus, its how you write your content, and also keep in mind that, content isn’t what many SEO’s think. For starters, content for most SEO experts is “text” yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Because every bit of your website is content in terms of Google rankings. This includes HTML, CSS, JS, Text, Images, Videos, Portable Document Format (PDF) word documents, text documents, XML documents and so much more that Google can crawl index and rank, in that order.

Work on Improving Your Website’s Usability as this not only will help you to get higher Google rankings, it will also increase your website conversions

But the trick has always been, the way, you write that content. The way you improve the usability of your website, the way you can naturally get that content shared. Not forcefully, but gracefully.

To give you an example: I have named this page How to SEO for Google RankBrain and throughout this post, I have used various terms which will enforce the meaning of this entire page very closely to those keywords I am targeting. Training Google RankBrain, forcing it to make assumptions about Rank Brain (see the separation of words) giving further cues about Google itself through H2 and h3 and also using

Knowledge Graph – Structured Data – Natural Language Processing

Most websites should tackle their search engine optimization techniques as outlined throughout RankYa How to Videos for SEO, nothing changes on that department because Google guidelines on SEO hasn’t changed.

However, all sites (particularly Local Businesses) must now use (the keyword there is a must because in 2016 there are no more sidebar ads, Knowledge graph results or Google My Business Listing are shown instead).

Structured Data Tutorials by RankYa
Structured Data Tutorials by RankYa features a web page icon with Structured Data WebSite ImageObject BlogPosting VideoObject itemtypes highlighted

Use Structured Data Local Business Markup. Furthermore, throughout off-site content marketing, additional cues specific to your Local Business should be mentioned (including in backlinks).

Niche specific sites with original and useful content will do better for SEO as well as Google RankBrain

Anticipating that those who want to master search engine optimization may search for ways to do SEO for Google RankBrain algorithm. Now I encourage you to share this post if you found it beneficial.

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