How to Remove Reviews from Facebook in 2019

How to Remove Reviews from Facebook in 2019

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Facebook reviews in 2019 are now called business recommendations, perhaps that’s Facebook’s attempt to confuse the small business community who are using FB to market products and services. Here’s what Facebook says about removing reviews:

You can report Recommendations that don’t follow our Community Standards or don’t focus on the product or service offered by the business.  We’ll review your report and may remove Recommendations that don’t follow our standards.

Unfortunately, whether its unsatisfied customer, or out-right disgruntle individual who is out there to just destroy your business by means of leaving negative bad untruthful criticism and reviews on your Facebook profile. So how do you begin removing reviews from Facebook in 2019? Here’s the process that needs to be followed.

Find Facebook Business Page Reviews Tab

facebook reviews tab

Locate & Click the Reviews Moderation Options

options for FB reviews Press on chat icon

Select the Most Appropriate Option

facebook review moderation options

Depending on the review you want to remove from Facebook, simply select your choice and then press Send button to request deletion of a review, or, Recommendation knowing that in 2019 these two words basically have the same meaning when it comes to Facebook Reviews.

Another Way to Find the Same Option

To report a Recommendation (or reviews as you now know that they both have the same meaning in 2019)

  1. Login to your FB Business Page
  2. Find Reviews / Recommendation tab and press on it
  3. Location and click in the top right.
  4. Select Give feedback on this Recommendation.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Video Lesson on How to Remove Reviews from Facebook 2019

Learn More About Facebook Reviews

RankYa encourages all small business owners to consider learning more before you begin the process of removal for that feedback in 2019, because its smart decision to read through the Facebook community guidelines to get familiar with Facebook’s terms. You’d do this just in case there is an email correspondence between yourself, and the Facebook customer support center (because FB team may contact the person who left the review). Only then, you should start the process of deleting a unwanted review. At this stage Facebook team will review your request and take action accordingly. Got any questions?

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