How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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First and foremost, do not even think about creating FREE Blogs using , or any others. Because in 2016, for you to make money through blogging, you will need to bring lots of website traffic.

Although bringing in website visitors is easy with search engine optimization, it is very hard when you are using free blogs like WordPress or Blogger because all these free blogs are just a subdomain and they don’t give you the necessary access to modify your blog as it grows.

Making Money Online Through Blogging Explained

Blogging is where someone called a blogger talks about (blogs) anything he or she finds interesting and draws in like minded people to read the blog. The blogger can make money through many ways. These can be in the form of Google AdSense ads, affiliate commissions or simply renting advertising space on your blog.

You should do your research first before you begin creating a blog, and the industry you select to write about should be of interest to you (or else you will get bored quick and give up on a great opportunity to earn a comfortable living online).

To Make Money Blogging

Tools for Blogging

As I’ve said, although free blog platforms exist, you should invest in your own web hosting and use WordPress as your CMS. Web hosting is very cheap in 2016 and depending on the country you are living in, you will find one that’s affordable for any budget.

For publishing blog posts, use WordPress as your content management system, because its is free and easy to learn. Basically, you can begin to earn money blogging within a month or two following my search engine optimization .

If you blog a lot, meaning you write a lot and provide high quality or engaging information for people that share the same enthusiasm on the topic you are blogging about, then your blog will have lots of website visitors. You can then either sign up for , or contact websites or companies that might be interested in selling or providing their services to the type of people visiting your blog.

In fact, once you get your blog established, companies themselves contact the blogger asking them for a price that the blogger wants for them to be able to advertise on the blog.

Advertisement can be in a form of article, image or banner ad and or a video. For example: I get many advertisement offers for RankYa Blog, but to provide you with great experience when you visit RankYa SEO and Online Marketing Blog, I tend to decline these offers from advertisers so that your enjoyment of RankYa Blog is achieved.

It’s easy to that not only will be read but also shared. At the end of the day, when you begin making money blogging it can be fun and rewarding, so start now and build a money making machine using RankYa SEO’s Google domination strategies.

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