Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook no doubt has changed the online marketing arena, now offering tools and features for you to reach your ideal audience. However, it is only when you begin to advertise on Facebook, then you can see its full potential because organically growing your Facebook Business Page is time consuming and almost impossible.

Facebook Promotion Good to Knows

Unlike Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising, Facebook Advertising differs in one crucial aspect. That is, millions of people who login to Facebook each day, do so, to connect with family and friends, as opposed to being sold your products or services that you want to promote.

This is all about the intent of time, meaning, these multinational companies such as Google and Facebook are interested in only one thing “Time” of internet users. Because the more time spent on their platform translates into more potential for profits. In fact, on the other side of the equation, the more time Facebook can conjure from each user also means beating the competition (Google AdWords) naturally because its user base will not be spending time search Google.

Knowing this, and also, knowing that your ideal customers are looking at their Facebook News Feeds which are based on influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook can create new (and very affordable compared to Google AdWords PPC) opportunities for your own business to reach an audience regardless of where they are on our planet.

Target their interest because millions of people are basically giving away their life details on Facebook, and as a result, Facebook allows you to create ads for that interest (or work or income status).

Whether your objective is to get page likes, or visits to your website, or whether you want to showcase your products, Facebook allows you to do just that. Here are more Facebook Marketing Tips for small business owners

Facebook Marketing for the Rest of Us

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