Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing & Drop Shipping

Affiliate marketing or drop shipping (can be thought as the same). Google search engine has made sure that it is harder for affiliate marketers to make money as they did in previous years.

But the quick answer for can you really make money with affiliate marketing is “yes” absolutely, you can make money through affiliate marketing even in todays internet world.

Drop shipping: this is where you simply create your own website and ecommerce store and sell products from a third party source. Usually a wholesaler or manufacturer. When the sale is made on your site, most of these manufacturers will even ship the products, aka . I have tried and tested all the methods mentioned in this post apart from drop shipping (but I worked with many clients who are making great income using drop shipping method (even today)).

Affiliate marketing: is where you market someone else’s products or services for a agreed upon commission. This is one of those types of money making methods online where you do not need lots of money to start with. You just signup with websites that gives back affiliate commissions for every sale they get from visitors you lead to them.

The two most common websites where you can sign up as an affiliate is for both digital and physical products and for plain digital products and services. Once you sign up with any of them, they will provide you with affiliate hyperlinks, which are unique hyperlinks that vendors track in order for them to recognize that it was you that sent that purchaser to their website.

How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing in 2016

Better Ways for Earning Top Dollars Through Affiliate Marketing

If you read through any other blog about Amazon or Clickbank, or actually tried to earn a living promoting products and services through these affiliate giants, then there is a better way. In fact, the only way is through choosing niche specific products or services. And just pump out quality blog posts about your chosen niche. For example:

I enjoy technology, web development and SEO, so its not hard for me to write about this field. So instead of going to Amazon or Clickbank I could review the technology platforms that I use. For instance: I use Crazy Domains Web Hosting services as well as dreamhost and others because they provide the affiliate links and I am signed up with them using their services (its just a matter of setting up links on your own site)

So learn to choose a niche that interests you (perhaps a hobby of yours) then create a blog and start pumping out quality posts (target long tailed keywords (keywords made up of 4 or 5 words) you can begin with “how to’s, comparisons, reviews” and build website traffic quickly.

Then selling any affiliate products/services is easy because you are getting free website traffic everyday and you will actually enjoy your work online. The question is not if you can make money online with affiliate marketing, because the question is “can you bring in people to your website?”

How Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t matter what product you choose to market, you must have a passion for the product or service, or else, you will get bored and give up thinking you can’t make money with affiliates.

Instead of listening to others about what to do, focus on creating a stunning website and start building authority website (usually through , social media engagement (Facebook or YouTube) and build your website as the authority in your chosen field, it is only then, you can begin to reap the benefits through affiliate marketing. You could even try your hands on building your YouTube channel up (since ranking videos are easy with RankYa methods).

Perhaps what I’ve shared thus far is just a confirmation of what you already knew. So keep in mind always, as long as you have a product to market online, and as long as people are buying that product, then you can make tons of cash through affiliate marketing.

You just have to learn to join the two together through Google and social media marketing. Thank you for sharing this blog post so that others can also learn how to earn a living online.

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