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How to Use Google Keyword Tool for Keyword Selection

If you are like most webmasters who rely on Google to bring forth web traffic to your website, then you will know that mastering the art of keyword research is absolutely a must for you. Because, with Google Adwords campaigns, you can delete your entire campaign if you don’t see the expected results, but if you are working on Google organic rankings to rank a particular keyword/s, then, you know full well that all the efforts you will make to rank your keywords are a long term strategy.

I have made this video for you “the webmaster” and in it, I explain much more than how to use Google keyword tool for search engine optimisation to target keywords for long term gains. Keep an eye out for the insights towards the end.

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Hello and welcome in this video session we’re going to take a look at how to use Google keyword tool for seo brought to you by

Simply we go to Google and type Google keyword tool and it should give us the result as far as this URL is concerned ok it should be the first result if not just keep in mind that this is the URL and the interface looks like this now when I look at an interface that if I’m not familiar with then what I tend to do is spend you know five ten fifteen minutes and I start exploring all what I see on the screen and I encourage you to do that as well

Ok because there’s a reason for everything to be on a particular user interface and for us to understand how to target keywords and how to conduct keyword research we must get familiar with at least overall understanding of the options that we see ok now we need to first of all understand this fact this is just to give us an idea ok and if you really you know read everything that you see on a particular user interface then as you can see here these are just ideas and this keyword tool is designed for mainly for Adwords ok now as you know Google makes billions of dollars every year out of thing air and their money making machine is their Adwords element of their business model right

And surely let’s imagine Google takes this away from the people who run online marketing campaigns running Adwords right now if Google was to take this away then you know they’re not going to make money like they do therefore we as SEO take advantage of this ok whether you are running Adwords or whether you are running search engine optimisation for organic rankings they work hand in hand therefore your ability to target a keyword and rank kind of depends on your understanding of Google ok therefore let’s get right in to it and let’s start typing in some sample keywords to see what we can gather from this tool ok let’s take Google seo services as an example ok or let’s just take seo services

Now if I was to let’s say you know I’m in seo industry and I offer seo services therefore I type those keywords in meaning for your online industry you gonna be typing your own keywords in that box ok you can also you know put your competitors URL here and conduct searches according to your competitors website and the way Google sees them and so on ok so that option is there for you as well let’s just quickly type a particular keyword just one word conduct a search now we have advanced options and filters now this is very critical for you to explore now first what I tend to is I type a word and choose all countries all languages and so on ok now I live in Australia ok then after I conduct that search then

I come back and narrow down to country and surely you should be doing the same thing now we’ve got include adult ideas no we don’t want to include that and we also have option here now this is very important as well ok by default it shows results coming from desktops and laptop devices now we also have mobile devices option here you can surely choose that especially if you have a mobile website and also if you offer services that you know especially young people right young people they tend to have smart phone always ready next to them they go and they start searching Google through their mobile devices now if that’s the case your understanding should be if I choose that and type conduct that search

What will happen is yep sure Google will give me similar ideas but you need to understand that people who use mobile devices to search Google they don’t tend to type in you know four five six different keywords in to that search box ok they usually type in one two or three words and that’s about it so but having an option for you to glimpse at that data also is important for you therefore simply play around with that as well on the right hand side you know if you’re not running Adwords you don’t really have to worry about this ok but nonetheless you need to kind of understand the results sets that it’s giving us based on these match types now match types if you are running Adwords you must understand it or else you’re gonna waste a lot of money right but for organic rankings

We don’t have to really rely on this data at this stage ok now let’s just do that search see what’s its giving us ok on the right hand side here we got columns you know you can choose all columns let’s apply that filter as you can see Google being Google it’s gonna give us more options here ok now local search trends become very important especially you know if you have an online business that you know offers products and services based on seasons for example let’s say you know Christmas gifts for example let’s say if you sell Christmas gifts then for you to have a look at local search trends become very important ok and if you do not offer seasonal products and services then perhaps you don’t really have to focus or go in depth and learn all that stuff ok

For our tutorial session we’re gonna look at these two specially competition is not important for your organic rankings ok what that means is you know this tool is gonna give you competition meaning ideas as to its saying ohh for this keyword its medium competition or high competition or low competition right for your organic rankings and for your keyword list building you don’t really have to worry about that because it’s very important that you actually don’t worry about that or else you may target some keywords you know you may be interested in let’s say seo in Sydney right and if you look at that and you say you know what it’s got too much competition it’s high competition if that’s the case you know I’m not gonna target this see we don’t want to do that right because you know if you do everything right then you don’t have to worry about this here so let’s just do take that away and let’s just look at these two because you know just

Yesterday I read a recent blog post from a reputable search engine optimisation blog and they’ve actually got something you know they were talking about you know  global monthly searches but I actually you know when I looked at the information they provided I knew straight away that they actually were informing webmasters like yourself

But they were informing you wrong ok now global searches means this if you press on the icon with any option here see you got icons here that’s question mark saying help meaning more information right you should definitely read it but this global monthly searches and local monthly searches is very critical for you to understand while you’re building your keyword list global monthly searches

This is how it works this is for twelve months ok twelve months you know what that is all the data that Google has over past twelve months combined and then averaged in to a month ok that’s what you see here because you know you will come across global monthly searches and local monthly searches and they will be different and if that’s different ok just understand that global monthly searches takes the entire Google network of the internet itself for the past twelve month and they average it to monthly result set so to speak ok so that’s what they’re saying here but local monthly searches now that’s different what that is is let’s imagine previous month and therefore let’s say thirty days in one month let’s say and that Google shows you results for previous month for the entire month only ok whereas this this is different just understand the difference of this ok

Because it’s very critical especially if you’re you know going local you know if you run a business or if your targeting keywords that are based locally then you must understand the difference between this and that ok because this becomes very important especially you know if you are targeting local which you should anyway for any for any online business that you are in you should definitely be focusing on local searches anyway right so what happened what have we done we’ve simply typed a keyword we can simply put our competitor’s URL there and just erase that and we can simply type you know competitor URL dot com for example right so your competitors URL go there or website’s that are related to your industry ok that’s very important you can put any URL in there if you want now let’s say we’ve done this search and this is the result set it brought for us now

When we are looking at this results set what we need to start you know thinking about is ok I searched this and it brought me these ideas and then you start thinking ok you know what surely you’re not gonna be able to target every single one of them for organic rankings anyway ok that’s just not possible right but if that’s the case then you got to be able to say you know what which are the most important for me you know which ones can I look at and you know from all the results that I see which ones can I take and then expand those ones ok that is very critical for your organic rankings and you can also download these which you should ok just to keep  keep it with you for the life of your seo projects ok so I’m not gonna say to you you should simply go for all of these one or two words ok

If you do that then you’re not going to see good results for your seo projects instead you should be looking at it in such way that you start seeing you know what is important for my potential customer what are they really searching you know that search intent is critical for you to master that’s the whole idea while you are using Google Adwords tool ok it’s just that critical so we’ve simply expanded our single keyword into two ok now if we do that then it’s gonna expand you know those keyword as you see here ok instead of two its’ gonna be three and so on ok let’s say if that’s the case then you start looking at the results sets here you know you look at this and you think you know what this particular keyword one two and gets searched globally a lot of but you know if you’re offering services let’s say if you are an electrician in Sydney then you know global monthly search results set is not going to be really important for you in that sense

But this will because that’s local monthly searches right so therefore that’s what you look at when you look at this information that you see ok and don’t be discouraged by these low numbers either ok because we are still gathering information right so let’s say then you can surely download those ideas as well you can download them which you should ok then you can say alright out of what I see here what else can I you know what else interests me you know surely they all interest you but what I’m saying is you got to pick the important ones right not all of them the ones that suits you you started with single word then two words then what if I then turn around and say ok you know we can press on it and we can say show me more like this or you can simply search Google ok

We can search Google that’s just common sense pretty easy and we don’t that at this stage but just know that you have that option so we press on it and show me more like this because that seems reasonable for me you know at this stage we may think well local monthly searches ninety one searches per month and that’s not smart hmm it is smart when we understand what’s going on so I wanna tell Google to show me more like that ok so well its showing me more like that and when it does things that you see here quotes and brackets and so on they are related to match types and for organic rankings we don’t really have to worry about that much at this stage right and then when Google brings results like that then you think ok

Its showing more like that so hmm you know it looks like the ones that its shown me before and now I’m gonna say no ok then we go back to show more something else right so that’s what we’re doing we’re gathering that feeling we’re gathering that idea right we’re getting we’re getting overall understanding that’s how you use Google keyword tool because it’s going to show you the intent because you will see in the minute hmm someone is looking for

Professional seo services for example you see you need to understand that when people search Google search box you know they don’t browse around ok no one goes on Google search box and say to themselves ohh you know what I’m going to put some keyword in here and I’m going to see what it brings me people don’t do that what people do when they search they’re looking for something right now that’s why when you conduct this search that’s what its showing you you know the Google keyword tool is giving you that insight here that’s what you meant to be looking at ok and you know these let’s say professional that’s a modifier to seo services so then I got to be imagining my potential customer in front of me right I’m going to be thinking hmm why would they search for professional perhaps may be they may be being professional is important to me right so see or how about small business you know what that looks very promising to me

For example if I was in this industry for example right then well why would someone search for small business seo services common sense right like small business owners gonna search for terms like this so then see that’s what you’re seeing here or how about organic seo services hmm what that means when I look at that I’m thinking alright well whoever is searching for that they may be you know running advertising somewhere whether it’s you know newspapers televisions or whatever or Adwords and whatever but they are kind of getting to understand the organic side of things right so that’s why they in my mind when I look at it I think hmm organic seo services organic hmm how did they know that particular keyword meaning for them to be able to actually put that in into you know search box as to organic seo services for them to do that they must have read something about seo and so on ok see see this is what this is how you use this tool to get to gain that insight that intent of your visitor right not many seo services or seo video tutorial is going to give you that information right but when you look at certain thing as to the information that I’m sharing with you that’s what you got to be thinking of when you start creating your keyword list right

So local seo services hmm local hmm you see whether I target that particular keyword or not ok you know I need to be start thinking you know what I need to create a landing page I must modify my web page so that I’m gonna rank for this keyword or this keyword right I’m not going to be able to rank for every single one of them right but you know choosing the ones that are important to you is important that’s what I’m saying to you right so don’t be discouraged by these numbers that you see here ok let’s say I live in Melbourne right it seems like seven hundred twenty searches but you know what if I rank for seo services right so I’m getting lots of local monthly searches what if then I turn around stem and modify it as to put Melbourne and rank that as well then I’m getting extra seven hundred and twenty potential visitors

For example right so then what about how about this one ninety one hmm ok but you know I’m targeting let’s say two words and because I rank them for example then you know expanding to have those in it as well gives me more and more and more see that’s how you expand that’s how you choose one two root keywords then you choose those you can modify that is suitable for your own online industry so that’s the whole idea you start with one two words then you expand them to three then four and then see ok seo services for example ok in this example then how can I modify it how can I stem more out of it and target longer ones as well right so that’s the whole idea so that’s how you  use Google keyword tool make no mistake about it ok

You download all that you find now once you create the list then you choose you know out of thousands you may be able to gather then you choose ok which are the most important ten for me to create meaning you create a landing page you choose five six seven eight nine ten right you can actually rank ten different keywords per one page you can do that what if you created five different landing pages right so that’s the whole idea here so that’s how outperform your competition ok there is no ifs and buts about it you just don’t go and you know you don’t just say you know and then you just target that because if you just done that then you aren’t gonna get anywhere online right what I’m saying is you target that what if I say see ahh then see what happened here see I gathered the idea here I gathered the insights its giving me overall understanding right  then Google search box is your friend then it expands right see that’s a modifier right right then you think you look at it you know this is what you do

After you choose the ones you know ten twenty thirty that you want to rank in organic results then you go to Google box and start typing that sort of research in the Google box as well let’s say we searched for that then related searches become important as well look how it expands how it stems ok your ability to outperform everyone else in your field is your ability to choose your keywords properly and then expand other keywords that are related to that and expanding them more and more into four five six and seven even right now I show you as well I show you something else which you gonna thank me for anyway let’s say let’s say

Seo services ok let’s say for small ok let’s just choose this right let’s choose this now let’s say I’m targeting this keyword then I’m targeting this keyword then I’m targeting these keywords and if I do that then you look at each one of them don’t worry about this one stop words and all that stuff that’s not gonna help anyone right you don’t want to rank for this keyword so this one this one this one this one this one surely your industry is going to be different but when you choose these longer ones right this is what you do you delete that you say ok use the tilde operator on your keyboard it is on top of your tab key right then you say give me what you know as in tilde and a keyword related to your industry then you minus the same word ok see then then this is how you do it right

For each keyword you choose use the tilde operator with a minus operator you’re saying to Google give me all that you know about this keyword that’s what is saying but then don’t give me this so then what you need to look at is ok if I’m targeting a particular keyword then related to that keyword is this right what else let’s go expand ohh ok this seems as far as Google is concerned per that keyword you know cheap low-cost what else can I see something else in your industry when you start playing around with it you will see different ones too ok then hmm this is very critical for you this is actually a must there is no ifs and buts about it  then when you do this kind of research you write things down ok its very critical ok for whatever keyword ok

Let’s just do this show me what you know that’s what I’m saying  to Google show me what you know as far as this keyword ok it knows this as well what else does it know anything else for this particular industry it doesn’t because it’s too specific right so ok whether it makes no difference you write things down ok what we’ve done ok what about this because you know in that sample example that’s what we’ve done so give me this hmm ohh ok as far as Google is concerned this word is related to this close as possible ok its very critical it’s a must for you to do this research ok so you started here  I’ve shown you much more than what you anticipated in this

Video session perhaps you spent you know ten twenty minutes I don’t know how long this video session is going to go for because I wanna pass my passion and I really wanna share information that’s really gonna help you help your rankings outperform and outrank any any people as far as targeting keywords are concerned right so a lot of people talk a good game online right ohh you know just choose related searches and longer ones  no no no no you never do that right so this is how you do it so you conduct that then you come one you choose like make a list ten twenty keywords you wanna rank organic rankings we’re talking about right we’re not talking about paying here right we’re talking about organic rankings that’s gonna be staying with you it’s gonna keep on bringing potential customers because you’ve done everything smart right

So  once we chose affordable seo service for small business right once you know in this example regardless how many keyword you have it doesn’t matter ten twenty hundred you still must do this it’s a must right or else you will get in trouble right you know offsite seo you gonna be doing offsite seo too right anchor text and all that is important right so when you start playing around with this then you do things properly so  that keyword well I need to be targeting that as well if I’m targeting that keyword and Google is aware of it as such then I got to be targeting that as well especially on my offsite seo it’s a critical its critical element  it’s a must then low-cost then for example ok that’s how you do it

See what happened I didn’t target just one keyword because I must be going for this as well if I’m going for this which in this example I was then as far as Google is concerned this is that as well so if I’m ranking for this if I’m ranking for this ranking for this is simple and not everyone is going to be typing affordable some people like to think of affordable as cheap or some people think of affordable as low-cost for example right so same thing for each keyword you’re targeting you must you know write these down too if you’re using excel put them in excel but it’s just a must and that’s all there is to it same is true for with this keyword solutions ok it matters not ok let’s say I need to then let’s say

I created a let’s say blog post or written an article or press release an so on and seo services was my backlink in anchor text right apparently seo in this example because Google has giving me that Google has giving me that minus that that’s important keyword for me it’s must for me to understand that ok then I have a look what else does it know regarding that keyword that’s for agencies apparently this is somehow important as far as services is concerned as far as see see it’s very important ok what about minus what does it know of this word young sure ok I’m gonna be targeting affordable seo services for young businesses and so on right but nonetheless let me see what else right that’s the whole idea here we’re looking at it ohh little short ok what if I say short seo results or seo results for in shortest possible time you know within my anchor text that’s short see then I covered not only small but also what Google knows of related to that word how about this ok write things down you watch if you just follow the insights that I’m sharing with you and then you know do things properly within one month and within very short time you won’t be just ranking what Google shows here

You will be ranking for much more so that’s how you do it I want to thank you once again I know I talk bit fast because I get carried away because I want to really really share proven insights with you insights that I believe that you will not be able to find easily amongst millions of different YouTube has ok you know a lot of people talk a good game without really really giving you core information so this is how you use Google Adwords tool ok you start by typing in your industry specific keywords understanding the options that it gives you ok understanding also experimenting with it not just you know going ok you give me that oh yea ok  hmm that seems nice let me just go for that no no no type your words you know different ones related to your industry expand them conduct different filters on them right choose mobile devices whether you target mobile devices or not Ipads smart phones and so on whether you target them or not it is a critical element for you to understand the the mentality of people who are searching for your products and services so this is how you use Google keywords tool

Not only to gather that idea that Google makes available free for you ok not only to get an overall view but also to gain the understanding of the way that your potential customers search Google and this keyword tool gives you that insight that’s why it’s priceless that’s why it’s a must but once again head to other videos I made available watch them as well  you know may be they go for ten twenty minutes half hour it matters not because spending one hour watching and learning core potent and useful information is going to be really of benefit that I feel with all my heart so your related searches I made available for you that you can watch and have a look because

When you combine all these insights then not only will be targeting you know most intelligent keywords most profitable keywords that’s going to bring time after time see everyone else is paying money for this and as you can see in very short time people number one people are coming and I’m not paying anyone any money see that is potential of you understanding the insights that I’ve shared with you it will allow you to rank I show you now affordable seo services for example let’s say let me then say ok what about this ok am I in the first page yes I am in the first page because it was very easy for me to get here anyway right ok how about ok am I in the first page yes if I’m in the first page then climbing to number one position if you’re on the first page is easy ok I just need to work on it little bit more

But let’s say am I ranking for this in the first page let have a look ohh I’m here as well for that too see if I just targeted just two words and forgot about the rest then you know that wouldn’t be smart because not only that I’m ranking for shorter ones but as you expand ok  see that’s a different keyword now that’s a whole different ball game happening here that compared to this is different but nonetheless first page first position same potential is available for you if you simply re watch this video session if you have to because I know I get carried away and pass lots of information for you I really really want to thank you very much and if you believe in your heart of hearts that I have contributed to your online business I would encourage you to follow the links and give me alike on

Facebook that would be appreciated or if you have any questions simply comment or email me and I’m happy to answer you thank you very much I wish you all the success and I know with all my heart if you follow the insights that I’ve shared with you, you will rank your keywords you will outperform your competitors and not only you will rank one two three four words you will be able to rank many many many other ones and do so according to Google guidelines so then your online business can grow and grow and grow thank you very much and all the best thank you bye bye

As seen in the video tutorial session on keyword research, most people don’t understand that you actually do not target keywords per se, but rather, you target the intent within the keywords you select. Because answering your potential customers will really allow you to have real and long lasting success online.

Meaning, let your competitors who use Google keyword tool select some ideas and waste their time trying to rank for some short keywords wihtout truly understanding the needs and wants of Google search engine. You on the other hand focus on the search intent of your industry keywords and design your landing pages accordingly to answer the search intent of your visitors.

how to conduct keyword research

While you are here, let me also additionally pass on some keyword research tactics that you can combine with keyword research tool. First, understand that no one else but you know your online industry, therefore, all the keyword research should start by thinking about of your potential customers first. And since you are dealing with humans that speak the same language as you, think about your potential customers in front of their computers searching Google.

  • What words will are they likely to use when searching Google?
  • What quick keyword suggestions does Google provide?
  • If you are targeting local searches, then don’t forget thinking about locality, postcode etc.

Now after you select some important keywords to target, design a landing page and make sure you are targeting many different variations of the keywords Google keyword tool suggested to you. Meaning, when you create your landing pages, it is best to target 3 keywords preciously. But since you can utilize on page SEO elements to target more (long tail) keywords, then make your selected 3 keywords stem in to 4, 5 or even 6 and more.

Furthermore, realize that the all the text within your web page <body>element</body> provides an opportunity for you to target many different keywords because that’s what Google web search does “text matching” a single keyword, so thus, when we say long tailed keywords, what we are really saying is, proximity of single keywords.

Understand that, and you will most likely not search Google with search terms as “how to use Google Keyword Planner for keyword selection” again. Instead, you will be a SEO master not only knows how to select keywords, but also rank them very quickly in Google first position in its organic results.

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