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How To Target Keywords When Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

Today I’m going to show you how to target keywords in a different way, a way in which when you implement it correctly, will allow you to target different keywords on the same page.

Let me first ask you how many keywords are you targeting per your web page? Perhaps that will be dependent on your online business model, but I will tell you this; however many words (text) you place on your webpage is all potential candidates for higher Google rankings, meaning;

Let us assume you are targeting 3 individual words, which most search engine optimization experts will say is a “Keyphrase” and they will also tell you to have these targeted keywords in the usual places like:

  • Page Name: Provides cue’s as far as pattern matching is concerned
  • Page Title: Describes what the page’s overall content is all about, also allow you to communicate directly to your potential customers.
  • Heading Tags: Further expands the subject matter by out-branching the keywords (but it must also be used to grab attention of your visitors for higher conversion optimization)

Therefore, most SEO specialists will tell you to head out to Google keywords tool (which can only give you limited amount of words per Keyphrase) and target up to 3 or 4 words per page etc. And if chose to target longer words stemming from those ideas, then, that choice of targeting words which are 5 or 6 or even 7 words long will most certainly make you miss out on branching and also most certainly will make your communication (web copy) sound vague.

Here’s what needs to be considered, you first work out and determine keywords which you believe will be good to target and will bring the most potential customers to your website. Let me give you an example like this:

Let’s choose these “affordable seo services” as our starting point, please watch me very carefully because what I’m about to reveal is seo specialty on another level.

how to choose keywords for seo

As you can see in the sample keywords above, we can say that it contains 3 words ‘affordable’ “seo” “services” and when combined, it’s a keyphrase and if I target those words alone on this page seo packages ¬†which then would allow me to miss out on other keywords, because, I could further target more than 3 words like this:

And when you are looking at the example above, you shouldn’t see it as 4 key-phrases (because if you did, then you can never understand how to search engine optimize your web pages, and you can never achieve first page Google rankings for your targeted keywords properly) Make sense? Please take a moment and re-read this paragraph again if it didn’t make sense. Because then you will be ready to go a step deeper and learn proper Google SEO.

To clarify the above points and to give you a better idea as to, what you should understand; there are actually 6 keywords in the above example, and they consist of these keywords: “affordable, seo, services, packages, small, business” and in fact, you can combine them in any way or order you please and still achieve first page Google rankings for your website.

Therefore; when you embark on targeting keywords for your own website and web pages, you should never be limited to search engine optimisation information which many experts with low level understanding will tell you to follow, and instead follow this path to target many more words per your web page.

I hope this information on search optimisation has taught you few important points that you can make your own. I would encourage you to take a moment and share it around so that I can make more available for you who are keen to, master Google SEO properly.

One last reminder for gathering backlinks, and that is, you should be very careful about your anchor text when obtaining backlinks, and you simply should not have keywords in your hypertext over and over again. Check back soon because I will reveal how to gather back-links for best results.

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  1. Thank you George, yours is the first comment on newly updated RankYa site. I designed a brand new custom made WordPress theme “RankYa” (still working on final touches). So I’m glad you enjoyed reading through this blog post. Great to see young person such as yourself learning about Search Engine Optimization as the future of it looks bright.

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