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How To Conduct Keyword Research Like The Pros

If you own an online business and manage your own online marketing yourself, then you must know “how to conduct keyword research like the pros” having said that, you can now forget about all those so called “pros” because if you searched Google to learn about how to conduct keyword research, or if you watched YouTube videos about search engine optimization and keyword selections, then I am more than confident in saying that you may have been mislead about keyword selection.

Because most of the information being fed to you, suggests that you should invest your hard earned dollars to some keyword research tool, or some exclusive keyword research software. Here’s the truth: the only keyword research tool you will ever need are these three tools and you never have to pay anyone any money about choosing important keywords for your own Google rankings.

Before we begin our lesson about keyword selection like a professional, we must first distinguish the difference between selecting keywords for your organic rankings, compared with selecting keywords for your Google Adword campaigns. Since you can select as many keywords as you like for your Adwords campaigns and tweak your keywords (drop some under performing ones, or add new ones, or even simply cancel/pause your campaigns etc.) according their performance.

Whereas organic Google rankings work a little different because you will be limited by the amount of keywords you can select (for optimizing) your web pages, furthermore, your selected keywords will be staying with you for longer, since organic rankings do require off site search engine optimization and you wouldn’t want to see your off site SEO efforts wasted.

Keyword Selection

So Here’s How to Conduct Keyword Research Like The Pros

Google Search Box: this is the first tool and will give you much more information than any other tool combined (thanks to related searches, quick suggestion as you type, and conducting advanced Google searches). Simply type your industry specific keywords into Google search box while looking at related searches, and keep expanding your keywords to include more and more different keywords (write what you find down, or put what you find in Microsoft Excel document)

Google Keyword Research Tool: this is a powerful tool and one you can’t live without (and the best part is, it’s “free”) enterprise power at the finger tips of webmasters like yourself, coupled with SEO expertise can be found here: How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO

Your Own Ability to Conduct Data Mining: internet is wide, and the rabbit hole is deep, all that you would ever need to conduct keyword research like a pro is within your own ability to conduct advanced search queries into Google search box.

Now,  we know the manner in which we should conduct keyword research, keep in mind that the keywords you select must give you the ability to stem more keywords from the ones you choose to rank in organic rankings. Meaning, your root keywords (keywords that are made up of 1, 2 or 3 words) should give you the ability to expand your chosen keywords. And you must also keep in mind that each and every keyword you place on your web page gives you the potential for higher rankings, therefore, forget about keyword density, and instead focus on creating content in such way that it naturally includes your selected keywords in your web copy. Because doing so, not only will allow you to rank profitable keywords, it will also allow you to see greater conversion rates from your online efforts.

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