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How To Achieve Better Conversion Results

Is your web site achieving its main objective? If not, I’m going to help you accomplish conversion results which will put a smile on your face, and also, will allow you to have happy customers.

First of all, I’m going to make couple of assumptions so that I give you, useful information and not waste your time. And the assumptions I will make is simply; you have a clean presentation on your website, meaning, you already have easy to navigate and user friendly website, with enough white space between your content (paragraphs on your web page have space in between, images are presented with intention of resting the eye of your readers etc.)

Let’s demystify couple of misconceptions about your home page.

Your home page is special; make no mistake about it, having said that, we can then think of every other web page as a home page as well. What distinguishes your top level domain from other pages is that, your home page should be minimal when it comes to “buy now kind of talk” because your home page will get called upon (even if your potential customer has first landed on other pages) most of your potential customers will most certainly check out your main home page.

Therefore, try to sell nothing at your home page, but rather allow your potential customers see that, you are different, meaning, unlike your competitors who are screaming “buy from us” “when you order, you will get 20% off” type of talk, which immediately makes a visitor think “ohh another website who is more interested in their sales” on internet. That doesn’t work, because your potential customers are interested in themselves first.

All of your web pages should quickly address the type of questions which your visitor has

  • Is this site credible?
  • What is here for me?
  • Why should I stay here?

Getting these points right is the first step, because, believe it or not, there are so many websites that fail to clearly define what the website is all about, so make sure you define yours clearly, in less than a second your potential customers should know what sort of website you have.

get better conversion results

The second most important element on your webpage is answering the “why” why should they stay and read your communication? You must communicate powerfully, you must make that communication stand out from all the other content (heading are proven to do just that) and that heading must answer the “why”.

Here’s a Sample Formula to Follow While Constructing Your Web Page Headings

“We Provide Book Keeping Services for Small Business” OR “Our Book Keeping Software Can Save You Time” now you have seen the sample headings, make sure yours isn’t like that, instead;

  • Why Is It That We as Small Business Owners Can Never Find Affordable Book Keeping Services?
  • What Can Affordable & Easy to Use Book Keeping Software Do for Your Business?
  • ABC Company Has Saved Over $$$ by Using This User Friendly Software (here’s the testimonial)

Ask yourself, which looks better? Your headings must communicate the needs and wants of your potential customers, and not, what you offer, because when you use the insights you are now learning, you in fact, address what you offer (it’s disguised) thus, less resistance for your potential customer to read the next part of your content. Headings are just that, to grab attention so that your visitors read the next part of your communication. Be yourself.

Second Part of Your Communication Should Include

Make a promise, tell a story, offer a solution, give time estimation, make intelligent predictions, show social proof and, simply, be yourself.

optimizing web page elements

Now you have some insights to consider in accomplishing better conversion results, remember this, don’t sell, but rather inform your visitor. They will do the buying when they realize that you are on their side, you understand them, you will take care of their needs, and you will go an extra mile. You will not just sell a product or offer a service, instead show them that, after sale customer support is also as important as your initial sale (because it is also more important for your visitor)

Your call to actions must not distract the readers flow of thought, meaning, don’t have too many confusing call to actions (as many experts suggests that you should) because, you may want your potential customers to take many actions towards your goal, but, remember, you can only have only one conversion goal, regardless how you will achieve that, be it by offering sample products, or a free quotes (because everything apart from your main goal is a secondary path of your accomplishing that “main goal”) therefore, rehearse your communication towards that.

Clarity is Power in a Confusing Internet Business World

Clearly define what your potential customer should expect from the moment of contacting you (Especially if you are conducting sales, where you require your customers sensitive details) clearly assure them your security policy and procedure, give clear assurance of your track record, give clear details about your contact details. You may reason as to, well I have all these in place on my website, if so, I respect that, but let me, then take you a step further by saying, there is actually two ways of communicating your message on your website;

  • You let your visitor do their own imagination
  • You guide their imagination

Perhaps that calls for another blog post, in the meanwhile you can visit this website to see if I have these in place as I suggested to you. You know, all these samples I shared with you, may seem like common sense, but nonetheless, it’s not common practice online. Make your communication friendly, down to earth, after all you are dealing with people just like yourself. Because 99% websites don’t need to be professional, they first need to be down to earth and understanding.

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