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How Do I Become a SEO Specialist

Let me make this assumption “You asked Google questions similar to “how to be seo expert” and now here you are”. First lesson on becoming a search engine optimization specialist is understanding this: “Targeting Keywords is Nothing More Than Answering Questions” because that’s exactly what I’ve done by creating this landing page to answer that question.

So let’s get right in to it because in the next 5 minutes I’m going to share with you what I learnt in over 8 years asking the very same question “how can I begin to master keyword ranking”

Here’s the truth: almost 99% of SEO information on other websites is either outdated, untested for 2015 SEO world, or are against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

So How Can You Become The Best Optimizer?

SEO is easy, really, take a look at the image below and if you can create a web page or blog post (perhaps using WordPress CMS) and have all the on page elements as shown in this sample image, then in just 5 minutes you can implement on page search engine optimization (Take your time and study the figure below).

web page seo optimization

Now do this when you are testing keyword targeting and I can confidently tell you that by just implementing what you see above, you will start building stead amount of website traffic visiting your website, or your clients website. And critically, you won’t waste time learning outdated information about SEO.

But surely, if this was all it took, then everyone would be dominating Google’s first page, however, there are only 10 spots in Search Engine Results Page (also known as SERP) so then, you can begin to learn about internal linking, creating sitemaps, using images effectively both for real humans as well as Google search engine, creating Google Webmaster Tools account for useful insights, robots.txt file (which is nothing more than a text file with few lines of directives) but remember this, all this is easy and you could master it in just few hours. Since no SEO project can be successful for ranking competitive keywords without:

Off-Page Content Marketing 

The next part is off site marketing (marketing your clients website on external sites), when you begin your research in to your clients industry (including, during competitor analysis) then you can begin to see what type of content your clients target audience will benefit from. This could be a simple “how to something” like an article, blog post, video, PDF infographic etc. or, participating in related online communities or blog commenting which adds value.

Then, when you create content accordingly, and share it on other websites aka “Off-Site” or when you participate in online communities you can mention your clients website details including 1 backlink. All in all, off-site SEO isn’t what many people say that it is because your aim should be to help your client build themselves as the authority in their niche (instead of getting 1000’s of worthless backlinks). 

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Most SEO Experts

Search engine optimization industry isn’t regulated, and I can confidently tell you that almost 99% of SEO information circulating on internet in 2015 is outdated, rewashed, recycled rubbish when used will never work. Fact: Google Webmaster Guidelines hasn’t changed in the last 8 years I’ve been around for, but there is a dark spamming industry out there that is costing Google Millions of dollars each year. Introducing Google Panda, Google Penguin algorithm which was due to clean the SEO spam industry. 

That is why, your own tests become critical to put what you learn to test, you could easily create a test site and test what you learn before you implement your new found strategies for your client’s website, this way, you never have to worry about Google penalizing your website because you followed Google’s Guidelines as well as tested your own ideas and know that they work. In truth, SEO is very easy, therefore, why would anyone want to try optimization methods that are against Google guidelines is beyond belief? Stick to the easy methods that are within Google guidelines and stop listening to so called experts who are nothing more than copycats and raving fans of some so called SEO gurus.

How to Search Engine Optimize a Website

Other Important Factors of Becoming an Expert in Search Engine Optimization Field

As I have shown you above, almost 80% of SEO is on page SEO and optimizing your web pages are easy and you can do it as if you’re walking in the part. Yet to earn the “specialist” crown, you have to rank your keywords and do so properly (meaning eternally, meaning, no competitor should be able to outrank your clients keywords)

For example: the keywords “SEO Specialist” for website (where I offer services) is ranked in the first page of Google Australia. But I have not done any more SEO to those keywords for almost two years now. But because these keywords are ranked properly following the same methods you are now learning, it is not easy to for others to knock me off the first page. But if they do, then it is not because of bad SEO on my part, but rather competitors are doing more work on Off-Site marketing.

So for me regain the first position (instead of 4th or 6th position), I just have to do bit more off-site marketing by identifying content ideas for this question “SEO Specialist” make sense? So basically, everything starts with targeting the search intent behind the keywords. Meaning, someone typing these keywords in Google is looking for “SEO Specialist” to either hire or learn from so creating landing pages answering this question assures happy customers for Google which in return Google rewards my webpage by ranking it higher in SERP. The next part:

how to become a seo specialist

Keyword Research – Competitor Analysis – Off-Site Marketing With a Touch of Backlink Gathering

How can anyone be called a expert in this field if they do not understand the importance of selecting high value “profitable” keywords? And you are in good hands here because I can teach you how to do thorough keyword research on this YouTube channel (that video also gives you ideas as to how to look at your competitors online footprint to find new ideas to use for your clients off site marketing (while getting quality backlinks). 

Above all else, realize what I’ve done on this page. First I done a quick keyword research and found this keyword “How do I become a SEO specialist” then answered your question in short but useful way on this blog post while having all the On Page Elements in place as shown to you in the above images. If I got you reading to this point, then Google is aware that this web page you are on is useful because it keeps track of your visit duration to see if you go back to search again (thus, not a good user experience for its own customers (in this case it is you) but since you are here still reading this and finding useful insights. Everyone is happy “Google, You and Me”. Follow the same approach when optimizing websites and you will be as effective for your clients website as well. 

Because I can confidently tell you that almost all of the keywords you will be targeting and ranking in Google is nothing more than questions people are asking. Answer their questions and you will then be light years ahead from the rest. 

Although this post is created for those who share a similar passion for Google and Website optimization, it would be unfair not to share the new Google Master Class course as well other private videos which can be viewed through members only section by becoming a valued member of this could save you months if not years of research and learning about this interesting field.

For those who are very keen to become a SEO specialist and actually build a career to earn a living in this field, you can, and if you are passionate then you can actually make a comfortable living online helping other website owners take advantage Google search results. Stay at it and remember always to trust your own instincts. 

Currently: for those who are passionate: I am offering SEO specialist training, if you are seriously interested in building your knowledge to become one of the best SEO specialist on this planet, and are willing to go the distance (ideally about 6 month part time training should be reasonable enough for me to pass my knowledge on to you) then contact me because I may be able to offer you work on part time basis (or per project basis) and personally train you (and pay you money reimbursing you for your time, effort and energy) so that your question “how do I become a SEO Expert” is realized and get paid at the same time.

Respectfully, impress me in your email, and if you do not get a response from me within 1 week, then it is likely that I am training another kind hearted person like yourself. So with him/her well and don’t be discouraged, instead, continue learning about this very fascinating field called “Optimization” take care


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