How Do I Become a SEO Specialist

People Find Your Website Through Search

Let me make this assumption: you asked Google questions similar to how to become an SEO expert? and now here you are. First lesson on becoming a search engine optimization specialist is understanding this: “Targeting keywords and ranking them are nothing more than answering questions” because that’s exactly what I’ve done by creating this landing page to answer that question.

So let’s get right into it because in the next 5 minutes I’m going to share with you SEO insights that will help you along your journey of becoming a search engine optimization specialist.

Here’s the truth: almost 99% of SEO information on other websites is either outdated, untested or are against .

So How Can You Become an WebSite Optimizer?

SEO is easy, really, take a look at the image below and if you can create a web page or blog post (perhaps using WordPress CMS) and have all the on page elements as shown in this sample image, then this means you covered on page search engine optimization factors easily (Take your time and study the figure below).

web page seo optimization

Now do this when you are testing keyword targeting and I can confidently tell you that by just implementing what you see above, you will start building steady amount of website traffic visiting your website, or your client’s website. And critically, you won’t waste time learning outdated information about SEO.

But surely, if this was all it took, then everyone would be dominating Google’s first page, however, there are only 10 spots in Search Engine Results Page (also known as SERP) so then, you can begin to learn about internal linking, creating sitemaps, effectively both for real humans as well as Google search engine.

Off-Page Content Marketing

The next part is off site marketing (marketing your client’s website on external sites), when you begin your research in to your clients industry (including, during competitor analysis) then you can begin to see what type of content your clients target audience will benefit from. This could be a simple “how to something” like a blog post and social media marketing. Once you learn to create useful well researched content, then, you can make that content easy to share aka “Off-Site”

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Most SEO Experts

Search engine optimization industry isn’t regulated, and I can confidently tell you that almost 99% of SEO information circulating on internet is outdated, rehashed, recycled rubbish when used will never work. Fact: Google Webmaster Guidelines hasn’t changed in years because all Google wants from you is to create relevant content so that Google’s own customers “typical searchers” are happy so that they can always search Google.

Other Important Factors of Becoming an Expert in Search Engine Optimization Field

As I have shown you above, and optimizing your web pages are easy once you learn the basics. Yet to really expand your knowledge, then should consider learning the basics of , Google Analytics, CSS and Structured Data. Above all else, keep in mind that internet is evolving and having the basics in place is a great start on your journey of becoming a SEO specialist.

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