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Google Search Engine Optimization 2014

Mastering search engine rankings in 2014 is as easy as it was many years ago, that is being said despite the algorithm changes in the previous years. Google is a smart, innovative and also aggressive competitor in online (mobile) search market. You know this, Microsoft knows this and all other website owners know this as well. For us to master Google rankings, you need to first take a step back and re-think about the way you are approaching your on page search engine optimization.

Because whether you are in a love/hate relationship with Google, you must understand that Google is operating a business. And in today’s online business world you simply must be aggressive or else the competition is never too far away. This is true for your online business as well. And it is Google who your potential customers search every day, so that is why, mastering Google SEO in 2014 is as important as it was last year, or the year before.

Now I will present couple of point of view in hope you will take it on board and reason well with it

First, Google is desperate for you to create fully search engine optimized landing pages, and Google does in fact want your web page to show right up there in the first position of Google. Because quality information is not easy to find for most of the search engine result set. And the fact is that Google algorithms are automated, meaning, no one can pay Google to show their website in its result set. And how lucky we are as average online business owners, because that very truth and business model of Google allows you and me to compete with large companies that have deep pockets.

Learn How to Get Google Organic Ranking Results

And if Google didn’t work along those lines, and if your website could only show up in Google by you paying to be in its first page results set, then it is likely that you and I couldn’t be operating an online business. So whether you love or hate Google, or whether you think it is evil or an angel, you can take full advantage of it by optimizing your landing pages according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Which actually is so simply it is not funny, because all Google wants you to do is create content that Google’s searchers will find useful, and that’s it.

In truth, your potential customers who use Google to find you are in fact Google’s customers before Google links your website with their search query. And to keep search market dominance and keep making prophets, Google must make sure that its algorithms keeps the spam out, or else, people will not use Google, because internet surfers do not want to be sold online. Therefore, understand that, you will always have an opportunity to rank in Google’s first position if you simply forget about SEO and create content that addresses the needs and wants of your potential customers.

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Mix that with on page SEO elements, tie it together with conversion optimization best practices by presenting your website content in a modern and easy to use way for better user experience. And you will be a master Google seo optimizer in no time. Furthermore, if you want to really see the greatest possible results from your online efforts, then, keep a finger on the pulse of your online industry (niche, market) because then you can be the first person to publish news, events important changes related to your niche (anticipate changes in your online industry).

Mix that with social plugin sharing then chances are that you probably won’t even have to think about obtaining backlinks for your site because your visitors won’t mind sharing your content if you do so create it for their benefit. Have their best interest at heart and they will do your backlink gathering for you.

And realize that Google is in the customer service business, and everyone who searches Google is first a customer of Google (before they become yours). So make sure that in 2014, create content that answers the search query of your visitors and watch not only your Google rankings skyrocket, but also see your online business grow.

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