Google Adwords Training Course

AdWords Training Course by Professional

What if you can learn proven and easy to use insights that can save money, time and energy when advertising with Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising?

That’s exactly what I teach you through this private course Guaranteed

Course Audience

  • Website owners currently advertising using AdWords
  • Beginners to AdWords PPC
  • Small business owners already advertising but want to reduce PPC costs
  • Advertisers wanting learn more in depth concepts about Google Adwords

Course Contents & What You Will Learn

  • Core concepts about Google Adwords
  • How Google AdWords Campaigns are structured & how to arrange your campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • How search happens and understanding what keyword selection and targeting really is
  • How to use the Google search box to find keywords to target
  • What goes into creating The Perfect Landing Page that converts
  • Understanding Quality Score more easily
  • Why default settings in Google AdWords never work in your favor
  • What is Search Cycle and which keywords to focus on
  • Google Keyword Match Types simplified
  • Understanding Google Search Network
  • Bid Strategies & Budgets
  • Remarketing, Image Ads, Video Ads
  • Tools, Tabs, Opportunities in Google AdWords
  • Ad Rank Simplified
  • Plus much much more

Course Features

  • Step by Step tutorials
  • Professionally illustrated explanations and walkthroughs
  • I teach you Google AdWords Mastery in 3 hours not bore you for 10 hours
  • Bonus video session showing RankYa Trade Secrets
  • Learn AdWords from a Certified Google AdWords Professional

Money Back Guarantee RankYa.Com Courses

Testimonials for Videos “I have done a lot of research and reading and boy, there’s a great deal of misconception. i have come to the conclusion that your ideas and tactics are certainly the way to go”

How to Gain Instant Access

Press here for   as that page also details how to gain instant access. If you have any issues accessing or viewing the private video files, simply and I’ll resolve any issues quickly. Go ahead and place your secure order now and learn AdWords mastery within hours.

What If You Can’t Afford To Pay for This Course?

I understand if you can not afford the required fee, no worries because you can still get your hands on this private course by writing 3 original articles about “SEO, online business, health, photography” in your own words (minimum 450 words). Then, simply email me the 3 original articles along with which private course you want to access, and I’ll grant it right away. Or simply securely purchase this course now

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Adwords Simplified Course


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2 thoughts on “Google Adwords Training Course”

  1. Eagan Heath

    Do you have a list of the sequence of videos? I have them downloaded but can’t tell in what order I should watch them. Thanks.

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      I encourage you to note the video file names as I’ve named them according to the lessons that it contains. For example: if anytime you are wanting to know more about AdWords Match Types, then the video file name ‘adwords match types simplified’ is named accordingly.

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