How I Got 140000+ Facebook Business Page Likes Working from Home

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No doubt Facebook has now became the dominant force in our lives, with all the tools and options available on Facebook, marketing a Facebook Business Page can also become confusing especially for small business owners, freelancers, Mums and Dads working from home.

So how you do you get more likes on Facebook Business Page? Do you just share cute kitten images? Do you listen to so called social media marketing experts who usually reference multinational companies (Mercedes-Benz, Apple Inc.) marketing campaign strategies?

First rule for marketing a facebook business page “what works for me, may not work for you”. That is why never you waste time with other peoples facebook business page marketing strategies, instead, you need to strategize your own marketing approach on Facebook (be it for more likes, brand awareness or selling your products). Then, simply use the tools made available by Facebook.

Video Lesson: Tips and Insights for Getting More Facebook Business Page Likes

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