Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook Marketing Tips

If your Facebook Business page isn’t delivering the results that you wanted, then perhaps its time to either re-evaluate your Facebook marketing approach, or, stop using all the default Facebook Advertising settings. Because default settings aren’t designed for small business (or Local Business) owners. And as we know

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Basically, its advertising, or promotion of something.

Online marketing can then be labelled as our efforts to promote our business on internet.

Understanding Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers you a very powerful platform to showcase your business (products, services and or brand) precisely to the target audience you are wanting to promote to. Basically, its a way for your business to reach Facebook users.

As of today, Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Source statista.com

Google and Facebook Dominance Battles

To truly understand how your business can benefit from Facebook marketing and advertising, we need to step back, and understand the difference between the two giant online marketing platforms.

  • Google
  • YouTube (owned by Google)
  • Facebook


Internet search engine that is used the most has to-date been the main online advertising option for almost all businesses. By means of using Google AdWords.

Since Google also owns the second biggest search engine YouTube, business owners wanting to attract potential customers, either have to search engine optimize their website, or use Google Adwords PPC Advertising, or even consider YouTube video marketing and advertising.


Biggest Social Media Platform phenomenon on our planet began by offering a way to connect with friends and family. However, now that Facebook has nearly 2 billion users, and because many of its users logon almost everyday, means that Facebook marketing and advertising is powerful for you to reach your ideal customers.

Facebook Business Page Promotion Insights for Small Business Owners

This below video session details the importance of professional looking Facebook business profiles and also content sharing.

Do Facebook Ads Work for Small Businesses?

Absolutely, because Facebook is now an integral part of peoples daily lives. And because your ideal customers are also logon to Facebook, Advertising on this popular platform can allow you to promote your business, products and services.

People who logon to internet spend their time somewhere, and their time is usually spent either on Google, YouTube or Facebook.

The Biggest And The Most Critical Factor to Understand

Facebook platform is a closed Eco-System. That means, Facebook made sure that search engines like Bing and Google could not access most of Facebook’s content, and this allowed their inner Eco-System to flourish to its current state.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

If you’ve tried promoting your local business to connect with a local audience, or even used Facebook Ads with little or no results, then it is more than likely that you’ve used the default settings available for FB Advertisers. This hardly works for Local Businesses who are starting out using Facebook Business pages.

I’ve created another video session to provide simple marketing tips for Local Business owners

Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

Simple Tweaks You Can Use to Get More FB Page Likes for Your Facebook Business Page

On average RankYa SEO on Facebook gets around 1000 plus page likes per week. Although this video tutorial will not reveal how to get 1000 page likes per week for your business page, it will still show you simple tweaks for better page like results. How to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Unlike MySpace which now is rather forgotten, Facebook is here to stay, and as a smart business owner you too will want to tap in to Facebook’s platform to reach your ideal customers. They are there, you simply need to learn how to market on Facebook more effectively. Above all else, remember to not use the default settings in Facebook Ads options.

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