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Get Better Results from Facebook Business Promotion

If your small business isn’t getting the results that you deserve, then, its time to change your Facebook Marketing strategy. Because most small business owners are told to follow strategies that multinational companies follow. That’s never going to work for the rest of us. Perhaps its time to learn what matters for Facebook Marketing from one small business owner to another.

Right now, your friends are on Facebook, your cousin is on Facebook, your high-school friends whose names you’ve forgotten are on Facebook, and your ideal customers are on it as well.

Honestly, for many years I looked up to those so called Facebook Social Media Marketing experts, but soon realized that their strategies are usually recycled techniques that they themselves have copied from large Multinational companies. If you tried those techniques large companies use, then you know full well that just doesn’t work for the rest of us.

Truth About Facebook Business Page Marketing and Advertising for Small Businesses

Despite what your competitors say, any business can benefit from marketing on Facebook. We just need to stop listening to those so called experts, and simply follow proven to work strategies for small businesses.

Facebook Marketing Isn’t for My Business

Most small business owners say “my business has no time or money for Facebook” however, promoting your business on Facebook doesn’t need to be time consuming nor expensive.

For example: you can allocate few minutes per day, or just an hour per week, you could even schedule post publication, setup ads to run continually investing small amount of $’s each day, or just boost posts for $5 or $10 and still reach thousands of your potential customers.

Stop Wasting Time – Stop Throwing Money Down the Facebook Advertising Toilet

Although Facebook wants us to believe that their default Advertising features and settings will do wonders for our business, you should realize that is not the case if you tried Facebook marketing and advertising previously.

It is only when I stopped listening to those so called experts and began testing my own techniques, then I began to see real results. I managed to achieve 80000+ real likes on a shoestring budget. If you are looking NO BS strategies that you too can easily use on Facebook, then RankYa online marketing techniques can be the solution for your small business as well.
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Who Can Benefit from This Course

  • Small Business Owners
  • Local Business Owners
  • Beginners wanting to Learn How to Advertise on Facebook
  • Business owners with limited time and budget looking for proven strategies for Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Course Outline

There are 12 video lessons rendered in 1920 x 1080 HD video. And unlike others, I won’t bore you for hours and hours because you can complete the entire course in just 2.5 hours. Basically within just 2 hours you will gain proven and easy to use insights so that you can get better results from your Facebook Business Page. This premium Facebook Marketing Course is now available for free on RankYa YouTube channel

1 – Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course Intro
  • How to Present Your Business on Facebook
  • Understanding Facebook Eco-System
  • How to Schedule Posts Publication
2 – The Setup
  • Understanding What People Do On Facebook
  • Why Facebook Default Advertising Features Won’t Work for Small Business Owners
  • How to Strategies Your Facebook Business Page Promotion
  • Strategy Examples (for Small Businesses & Local Businesses)
  • Getting The Setup Right on Your Website Landing Page
3 – Main Menu Options for Business Ad Manager
  • Brief Look at Important Menu Links
  • What are Automated Rules and How to Create One
4 – Audience Insights
  • Power of Facebook Audience Insights
  • How to Explore Audience Insights
  • Custom Target Audience for Your Ads
5 – Facebook Pixel
  • Requirements for Using the Facebook Pixel
  • How to Install Facebook Pixel (WordPress Walkthrough)
6 – Facebook Pixel Simplified
  • What is Facebook Pixel
  • How to Create Custom Audience Using Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Standard Events and Custom Conversion Tracking Simplified
  • How to Create Custom Conversion Tracking
7 – Customized Tracking With Facebook Pixel – Advanced (WordPress Walkthrough)
  • How to Track WordPress Single Posts
  • How to Track WordPress Page
  • How to Track WordPress Categories
  • How to Track Contact Form 7 Submission
  • How to Track WooCommerce AddToCart
  • (Includes WordPress SAMPLE PHP codes for custom tracking)
8 – Boost Post
  • How to Boost Posts
  • Preferred Audience and Audience Restriction
  • Best Practices When Boosting Posts
9 – Facebook Advertisement Campaigns
  • Understanding Campaign Objectives
  • Campaign Ad Set Creation Settings for Awareness Campaign
  • How RankYa is Getting Page Likes for $0.01
10 – Conversion Campaigns
  • Creating a Conversion Campaign
  • Understanding How Conversion Tracking and Conversion Campaigns Work Together
11 – Website Traffic Campaign
  • Step by Step Website Traffic Campaign Creation
12 – Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course Outro Video
  • Outro video tutorial features additional tips and tricks
Facebook Marketing for Small Business in 2017

RankYa online marketing tutorials are designed to simplify the very technology available for the small business community. That means, if you operate a small business and want to reach your ideal audience using Facebook Advertising and Marketing in 2017.

Facebook Marketing Course is now available for free on RankYa YouTube channel

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