How to Setup an Email Forwarding

How to Setup an Email Forwarding

As you may know that (A division of DreamScape Networks FZ-LLC) is a global leader as domain name services provider, as large as GoDaddy amongst others, and they provide everything related to email and web hosting, along with the Secure Socket Layer SSL certification and others. However:

Recently I’ve experienced a devastating email issue of not being able to access my emails for nearly 4 days. Trying to find a solution to no avail, I found a quick band-aid solution, and that was email forwarding (even though I couldn’t access my email, the emails sent to my email could still be forwarded to another email address by using emailing forwarding option in your Web Hosting Account Manager.

Now that’s one way to use email forwarding, and I am sure that can use it for various other reasons, either way, the option of directing emails sent to your main account is there for you.

To Setup an Email Forwarding

  • Login to your Crazy Domains Web Hosting account
  • Click on email tab navigation menu
  • Then click on forwarders (whether for single email address, or for entire domain email addresses)
  • On the next screen place your email ID in to from field, and another email ID on which you want to forward your mails towards (destination)
  • Then press on Add Forwarder

You also have some advance options you can explore further (however I will not cover them here). Here are the images for further explanation of the steps required.

Login to Your Account > Press on Email Forwarders Menu Link

Crazy Domains Email Options
Shows Crazy Domains Email Options user interface

Choose to Add Forwarder for single Email Address, Or, For an Entire Domain

Crazy Domains Email Forwarding Options
Shows Crazy Domains Email Forwarding Options user interface

Add an Email Address as Well as Another Email Address to Forward Towards & Press Add Forwarder

Crazy Domains Email Forwarding Options Steps
Shows Crazy Domains Email Forwarding Options Steps to follow for adding an email forwarder to another email address

Video Tutorial Showing How to Setup an Email Forwarding Using Crazy Domains Web Hosting Account

You can learn more by following this link

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