Conversion Optimisation Tips And Insights

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When it comes to improving conversions from your website, nothing is ever set in concrete. Because ideal customers to my website will be different to those who visit your website, although still humans, nonetheless, their wants, needs and the questions will be different in that particular moment in time when they are searching Google. It is this knowledge and your understanding of it will determine your website conversion success.

The Power of Contrast

Using colors appropriately shouldn’t be underestimated by any stretch of the imagination. Because since birth, we humans are accustomed to certain colors having certain meanings, take for example: on color red we stop at the traffic lights and on green we go. We love the visual might of green meadows, the sunset and that beautiful blue sky. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that colors do play a major role in all aspects of our lives.

CTA Angled Website Icon

You can use contrasting colors to draw the attention of your visitors exactly to the call to action you want them to take. Furthermore, you can also use angled elements to draw extra attention to important messages on your landing pages.

Major usability studies has shown that when an internet surfer lands on a particular webpage, they first quickly scan the web page, and in that split second they decide if they should continue reading or just hit the back button on their browsers. So your job is to guide their attention to make sure that they read your web copy, your message.

Above the Fold Area Optimization

The First Eyeful

If you haven’t sat back and determined exactly what is in the above the fold area of your landing pages. Then you should know that Google  that works that out. So make sure that your above the fold area is fully optimized.

You can identify  and in Google Analytics browse to Audience > Technology > Browser & OS > Screen Resolution. Better yet, you can use in page analytics that shows you deeper insights as to exactly what people see when they land on your pages This will allow you to optimize The First EyeFul better. There is a Google Chrome  and you can read more about

In either case, both of these are important to get it right. Because you are in total control of what you present and how you present your landing pages. So always tweak and test your landing page presentation till you find the optimal version that just converts more. Thank you for learning with me and thank you for sharing this post.

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