Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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Your website is a tool for communication, and due to limitation of resources, most website owners lack the capacity to conduct testing to increase the rate of their conversions. Perhaps your website can also benefit from these simplistic approaches that I will present to you on this page.

The reader should realize the fact that each and every website is different, so therefore, no test data apart from your own should be taken as be all and end all results for achieving greater conversion results. So thus, I will assume this to be true and present conversion optimization strategies which when understood will double, if not triple your website conversion rates.

Let Us First Define Conversions

Conversion is the ultimate action you want your website visitors to take (that action could be anything, sell, buy, call, inquire, visit me, book a service, share content, watch my video, tell your friends, learn about, subscribe, sign up, register etc.). And there can be many different paths for that ultimate action to occur, for example:

  • A website visitor may land on your about us page before knowing what you are offering, or perhaps
  • Your website visitor may use an online form instead of ringing you to book a service.

In both cases your conversion objective is the same “to get your client to book a service”. So the golden rule to increase your conversion is to define what exactly is your ultimate objective is. Because doing so will allow you to communicate towards that objective in a more planned approach.

Prime Screen Real Estate

If you take a close look at your server log files, you will see that around 70% of your website visitors stay on your website between 0 – 30 seconds. Although some of your visitors may have landed on your website while searching for something else, most websites do not even know what above fold area is let alone utilize it to deliver a powerful message.

landing page optimization

Take the as your starting point and open your landing pages and look at that above the fold area and ask “what is there?” “Can I improve it? Here are some tips;

above the fold area optimization

The purpose of the content above the fold must be geared towards only 1 thing, to take the next action (Mouse Scroll Down). Remember, your visitor has his/her gun loaded (mouse in the palm of right hand) and s/he is not afraid to pull the trigger (click the mouse button). Above the fold area must be geared towards him/her taking the first action (page scroll down). Accomplish that, and you are 50% closer to your conversion.

Remember this also: humans visit your landing pages, so the only true currency online is “words”. Use them accordingly in the above the fold area, features inform, benefits sell.

Less is More for Web Forms

Take a look at your forms on your website, delete the fields that are not required, the less is more when it comes to web forms.

Test Different CTA on Buttons

Most web designers do not pay attention to using different words on buttons. For example: instead of Submit, Register, Send, Add to Cart, Buy Now as your call to action, test different words. Try it and you will see that the only true currency online is “words” “keywords”. Thank you for learning with me and thank you for sharing this with other website owners.

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