Google Analytics in Header OR Footer

You can skip reading all the below information and just place your Google Analytics tracking code just before the close of your <head> element in your HTML markup. And focus your online marketing efforts towards creating useful content for your website visitors, instead of worrying where you on your website you should place that code. … Continue reading “Google Analytics in Header OR Footer”

Google Advanced Search Operators

You can combine very complex search queries and search Google with precision accuracy using Google’s advanced search queries. But before we can take advantage of these search operators, we should understand what they are, and how you can combine them to create complex search queries. The data is out there in Google, we have to learn … Continue reading “Google Advanced Search Operators”

Do External Links Affect SEO

This is a very valid question if you want to gain better organic ranking results from search engines, does external links affect SEO? Yes it does very much so. In fact, just tweaking your webpages to include external links would train Google to better understand your entire website as it follows links in-internet. Google Search Engine … Continue reading “Do External Links Affect SEO”