How Google Web Crawler Works

Have you ever wanted to know how Google’s web crawlers sees your web pages? Curious about what happens when Google requests a web page? If so, let’s learn about the Crawling process of Google search engine. Since Google is a search engine for many different media type, it also has different crawlers for different purposes. … Continue reading “How Google Web Crawler Works”

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

At the heart of everything that you do on internet are “Keywords” and for search engine optimization of your website, you basically can’t ignore the importance of selecting the right keywords. Before we begin, simply download the SEO PDF document as it contains extremely important knowledge for keyword research and targeting. What is a Keyword? Keyword is … Continue reading “How to Do Keyword Research for SEO”

Competitor Analysis

When it comes to online business world, your competitors never sleep and, you will always have competitors who are offering the same products and services as your business. Defining Who Your Competitors Are Let’s imagine that you own a business and operate it in a business premise in some shopping mall, and let’s imagine that … Continue reading “Competitor Analysis”