7 Online Marketing Strategies for Beginners With Limited Budget

Online Marketing for business website growth

We all have dreams, that’s what makes us human. And the fact is, we are all living in the most exciting times we could have ever hoped for in terms of owning a business. Making our dreams to operate our own business and reach humanity using The Internet.

You heard it again and again of the success stories online, how a single person with an idea has created successful enterprise using just his/her computer / laptop. And, if you’ve tried but to no avail, don’t stress nor give up. Because RankYa is here to teach you how to market yourself, your business website and products even if you have limited marketing budget. Without further ado

Golden Rule Number #1 Don’t Give Up On Hard Work But don’t give up what? Hard work towards your goals, your end vision. Because remember this, you will hit huge walls in front of you. Be it bills to pay, family or children to take care of. This may challenge you, at this time, remember your goals.

In fact, each day spend some time imagining your goals (feed them through visions in your mind). Write them down or even take a picture and stick it in your wallet. For example: picture of a nice house if that is your goal. At the end of the day, your contribution through your business online will get you there. Thus, learn to do NOT give up contributing through hard work.

Golden Rule Number #2 Don’t Follow Idiots Online Idiots such as so called gurus about online marketing who list 1000’s of different ways to market online (those lists are usually copied from other websites). Because it will take you 1000 years to implement those ideas, its best you stick with proven to work, quick and easy to market online on limited finances.

Golden Rule Number #3 Don’t Lose Your Honesty Be always honest. Don’t loose your identity for the sake of fame and fortune. You know the types? For example: YouTubers who basically scream out of their ass just because they got some followers. Or some walking about their pajamas and jumping up and down like a clown. Once again, have self respect and stay true to yourself. Remember, your grand children’s children will see what you do online.

Now that you got the seeds of wisdom, its time for you to grow them. Because only you can grow them.

Below are some proven to work insights for you to consider using if you are an absolute beginner and do not have enough resources including money. The fact is, operating an online business does not require any money to start with. However, it requires something more important ‘YOU’ with absolute determination and spirit of relentlessness. I believe you already possess that (just look within your heart, just look in the eyes of those whom you love).

Secret to Success is Learning, Hard Work and Helping Others

1. Create Videos for Online Marketing

The easiest way to promote almost anything you can imagine. Today and in 2020 it only requires a smartphone. YouTube is, well YouTube. Facebook also has video upload option. Whether you want to market your own website, yourself, or your own products (or someone else’s products (this is called affiliate marketing)). Small business owner? Perhaps how to’s or guides should be considered. RankYa SEO Tip: include a link in video description (anywhere in the first 150 characters). Here’s a video to get you started How to rank YouTube videos FAST

2. Get a Website & Optimize It

Online Marketing for Beginners with Limited Budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford to get your own website and optimize it according to RankYa Google mastery and conversion optimization techniques. Even if you have no money, find ways to create your own website because its your online temple where magic happens. RankYa Online Marketing Tip: do NOT use FREE websites like WordPress or Blogger. Wanna succeed online? Make sure to have your own domain and website.

Use Social Media Buttons on Your Website

(YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others) all of which can assist to get the word around about your business, services and products. Knowing this, make it easy for your website visitors to click and share your content.

Content = everything on your website. Blog posts, Images, PDF’s, Videos and anything you are marketing.

Continue with Publishing How to, What is type of Content

Even if you operate an eCommerce site, even if you are affiliate marketing or a small business owner offering services. You can find ways to publish content on regular basis. To find new ideas, just explore Google Search Box by typing in some random keywords related to your own industry. For example: how to, where is, what is, what does, do I, how do I etc. Check out RankYa keyword research tutorials.

Update Your Old Blog Posts

There is a gold mine on your OWN website right now. Did you know that you can easily update your old blog posts so that they follow RankYa Google ranking techniques. As a result you can easily increase website traffic.

Use LSI Keywords Within Your Content

Although I haven’t shared insights about latent semantic indexing (LSI) because unlike others, I do not want to confuse RankYa fans about SEO. Basically, you have to think like Google (think like an infant who can’t speak) and your use of WORDS that flows within your content trains the infant to understand what keyWords to rank your website for. Remember content = everything on your website.

Create Images and Optimize Them

There are plenty of ways for you to get FREE images online. Pixabay and pexels.com offer you Free Images (without wanting Attributions) you can easily make those images your own (or even modify them). There are plenty of ways to share images online. This is useful especially if your website is offering creative work such as photographer, artists etc..

3. Analyze Google Search Console to Find New Keyword Ranking Opportunities

4. Promote Your Website and Products with Outreach Campaigns

This is one of the most common mistakes beginners make when marketing online. Especially in certain types of niche where the customer may be High End Customer OR an ideal customer wouldn’t normally search Google.

For example: if your target audience is Company Managers, then, it may be unlikely for them to Search Google to find what you are offering. In such cases, don’t wait for them to find you. Be active and find them instead. Linkedin and also advanced Google Search Queries are a great way to find them.

Google Advanced Search Query Examples:

  • targetKeyword inurl:com.au “email”
  • targetKeyword inurl:com inurl:contact
  • targetKeyword inurl:com.au targetCityOrCountry

First point above will look for websites in Australia and also quickly find email details. Second example will quickly get you to contact page. Third example will find websites particularly in a certain City. Surely, you need to change the targets above.

Also note that although we are talking about internet marketing, that doesn’t mean offline world marketing shouldn’t be considered.

As I’ve said, whether you are a small business owner or offering products through eCommerce. Social Media Marketing can also be utilized.

5. Participate in Online Communities

For example: for RankYa, I could answer questions in Google Webmaster Forums. Having said that, I can name thousands of SEO Experts who offer you SEO Services through participating in forums, usually for backlinks. Do NOT attempt this type of backlink gathering formula.

Online Marketing for Local Business Owners

All of the above insights should be used even if you are operating a small local business. Furthermore: identify local causes, participate and contribute and find ways to get your own local business information on their website. Even a donation $$$ often may help to get a backlink.

6. Offer Giveaways and or Create FREE Something of Value

Everyone loves FREE Stuff. Although you may have limited budget, still, consider Giveaways Gifts or even create FREE but valuable content and give it away. Perhaps even share/and/get type of free content.

7. Create Publish & Share PDF Infograph

You may think creating an Infograph is expensive, but you can easily accomplish this. Keep in mind that Google also indexes PDF content. Whether you do it yourself or hire others because creating useful PDF’s isn’t as expensive as you may think. (RankYa uses Adobe Illustrator (although expensive program, its worth the investment) when creating PDF’s)

RankYa SEO Tip: you can use links within PDFs

Optimize Your User Interface for Higher Conversions

I saved the most important factor for last. Website Conversions. For example: did you know why YouTube User Interface has 2 different color themes (Dark and Light). And did you know why the links on YouTube User Interface that color? Its because certain web page elements affect usability and conversions. Make your website simple as possible and work on mobile usability.

Is this all for online marketing for beginners? Of course not. In all cases, to be able to market on internet on a limited budget, be persistent, test own ways and be active when marketing. Although it may take bit of time, think long term because internet is here to stay. And when you follow the guidance above, your online success is assured.

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By RankYa

RankYa is a passionate digital marketer, website optimizer, content creator, and a fully qualified web developer helping businesses of all sizes (big or small) to achieve better results online. We are a Reputable and registered Australian business RankYa serves valued clients worldwide since 2008, built on hard work, honesty and providing exceptional personalized service.

We love sharing our passion through freely available how to videos and courses related to business website marketing and optimization, Google (Search Console, Ads, Analytics, YouTube), SEO, HTML5, Structured Data and WordPress. Thank you for visiting our website. Rest assured, it will serve your business website well as well.


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