Social Media Profile Image Sizes 2017

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Looking to improve your social media marketing? Creating the perfect profile images as first impressions lasts is a good start. I created sample image templates which shows the safe area for you to present your website / business details on popular social media profiles. You can use these template images as a guide when building your professional social media profiles.

Facebook Cover Photo Profile Image Size and Template in 2017

Image dimension for is:

2017 YouTube Channel Art Image Size and Template

Image dimension for is:

Google Plus Profile Photo Size 2017 and Template

Image dimension for Plus profile is:

Twitter Profile Image Size in 2017

Image dimensions for is:

Here’s a Video Showing You How to Use These Insights

Using These Social Media Profile Image Templates

Whether you use Microsoft paint or Adobe Photoshop to create your social media profile images, simply place these in to your work file as a background, and then change the opacity to be lower (perhaps 20% opacity) will then show you the safe area for you to place your own details (safe area = for all devices, whether TV, laptop, tablet or mobile).

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