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How Do I Become a SEO Specialist

You asked Google questions similar to "how to be seo expert" and now here you are. First lesson on becoming a search engine optimization specialist is understanding this: "Targeting Keywords is Nothing More Than Answering Questions". Also, almost 99% of information on SEO is either outdated, and/or are against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Wanna Learn How to Become The Best Search Engine Optimizer?

If so; I’ve created this useful information for you so that you too can become a search engine optimisation expert. SEO is easy when you have someone who can show you almost 99% of what on page search engine optimization is all about (See figure below).

web page seo optimization

Because that is how you search engine optimize your web page (by having all your the on page SEO elements in place) coupled with conversion optimization insights, not only you can start to dominate search engines for yourself or your clients, but reading through the insights I made available on this blog can also allow you to gain insights from a SEO specialist who has spent many years mastering Google search engine optimization.

Off-Page Content Marketing

The next part of SEO is off page SEO which basically includes your ability to identify websites (URL’s) related to your online industry. Because you will need to start marketing your website to get backlinks which are very critical to your keyword rankings. Visit this blog for tips for getting backlinks.

Always remember that it is more important to know why you do what you do, rather than just blindly doing it, that is why, you should at least be aware of the importance of backlinks and how backlinks help signal Google to build relationships with your website and other URL’s on internet.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Some SEO Experts

Search engine optimization industry isn’t regulated, and I can confidently tell you that almost 99% of SEO information circulating on internet in 2014 is outdated, rewashed, recycled rubbish when used will never work. Fact: Google Webmaster Guidelines hasn’t changed in the last 8 years I’ve been around for, but there is a dark spamming industry out there that is costing Google Millions of dollars each year. Introducing Google Panda, Google Penguin algorithm which was introduced to clean the SEO industry.

That is why, your own tests become critical to put what you learn to test, this way, you never have to worry about Google penalizing your website. In truth, SEO is so easy, therefore, why would anyone want to try optimization methods that are against Google guidelines is beyond belief? Stick to the easy methods that are within Google guidelines.

how to become a seo specialist

Other Important Factors of Becoming an Expert in Search Engine Optimization Field

As I have shown you above, almost 80% of SEO is on page SEO and optimizing your web pages are easy and you can do it as if you’re walking in the part. Yet to earn the "specialist" crown, you have to rank your keywords and do so properly.

For example: the keywords "SEO Specialist" is ranked in the first page of Google Australia, and I have not done any more SEO to those keywords for almost a year now (working on other things online). But because these keywords are ranked properly (RankYa style) it is not easy to for others to knock it off the first page. Realize that the industry I am ranking these keywords are extremely competitive, because those whom I compete with actually know how to SEO as well. So basically, everything optimization starts with targeting the search intent of your visitors.

Keyword Research – Competitor Analysis – Backlink Building

How can anyone be called a expert in this field if they do not understand the importance of selecting high value "profitable" keywords? And you are in good hands here because I can teach you how to do thorough keyword research on my YouTube channel (that video also gives you ideas as to how to look at your competitors SEO footprint in terms of backlink gathering). Furthermore, at times if you are targeting highly competitive keywords, then you need to build links (hyperlinks) pointing back to your website and web pages which you can learn all about how to obtain quality backlinks here.

Above all else remember to rely on your own test results, and simply continue answering the questions of your visitors. Because I can confidently tell you that almost all of the keywords you will be targeting and ranking in Google are nothing more than questions people are asking. Answer the questions of your potential customers and you will then be miles ahead of the rest. Wishing you happy rankings;

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